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Help! Doctor's 'Healthy' Diet!

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  • Help! Doctor's 'Healthy' Diet!


    I was wondering if any of you could help me pick apart the attached 'healthy diet' guide my 60 year old father received from his doctor yesterday after the results of a blood test showed he had high cholesterol and high glucose. I'm trying to persuade him to stick to Primal but it can be difficult when it's my word against the qualified doctor!

    He also takes pills for high blood pressure, asthma, allergy (for pollen and 'moulds'), and acid reflux/GERD which I'd like to try and wean him off if possible but unsure how he would go about it? He has tried stopping the acid reflux tablets (one to reduce the acid production and one to supposedly push what he's eaten through the stomach into the intestines) but says he gets a sick feeling in both his stomach and at the back of his throat so this never lasts long!

    Any advice is appreciated!


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    The recommendation highlights for me are:
    • Red meat only in moderation
    • Coconut, butter, cream, and visible fat on meats in the avoid/rarely column (he's thinking of getting rid of his coconut oil!)
    • Only 3 egg yolks a week



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      It's pretty much standard recommendations for everybody from every doctor. They just pass out the sheet to every patient, saves everybody from thinking.


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        The medicine to help push the food through his stomach may be because of motility issues. I'm not sure diet would change that. It might help, but might not eliminate it entirely. His allergies will be greatly reduced by getting rid of wheat. If you're allergic to grasses and pollens, why would you want to eat something that is essentially that? I know for myself, my asthma drastically reduced when I stopped eating wheat products. When I go back to them for any length of time, the breathing issues return.

        Does your dad have weight issues or did he just have bad blood work numbers? How set in his ways is he in terms of listening to his doctors? If he's just adamant that his doctors know what is best, then you have to be really subtle about any changes and gradually introduce things. If he's open to suggestion, then it'll be easier. One thing to remember is that people who go Primal very often have an uptick in their cholesterol counts. Doctors freak out and want to push statins but the cholesterol will be very labile until a good 6 months after weight stabilizes. If your dad goes into weight loss mode, then the fat that is released by the body will increase serum blood glucose, but only temporarily.

        See if you can make a bargain with him to give you 30 days of eating the way you eat and then at the end of that 30 day period evaluate how he feels. Be sure to keep in mind that if he is taking any medication for blood glucose such as metformin, etc., you will need to monitor his sugars because very often the need for that type of med goes way down or goes away after a switch to Primal eating.

        Good luck.


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          Your dad is younger than my boyfriend. I consider my boyfriend smart enough to make his own life choices, maybe you should let your dad make his own choices. I know that dietary recommendation is really wrong, but if someone else doesn't feel convinced of it on their own volition, then it's not your place to do the convincing for them.
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