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How long to really lean out?

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  • How long to really lean out?

    I've been doing primal/paleo for about 12 weeks.....I'm 5'7".....went from 156 and 17% body fat to 142 and 12-13% body fat in about 7-8 weeks but seems like I've plateaued......

    I eat some non ideal foods like a little nuts, some fruit, and occasional dairy....mostly grassed cheese....also I have coffe which I know can raise cortisol......

    So do I need to eat a super clean diet to really Lean out.....get to 8% body fat........or have I just not allowed sufficient time to get lean?

    Also I follow the primal way of exercising.....lots of walking.....2 days of lifting, I days of kettlebells and sprints once a week

    Any advice?

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    You need to seek the council of Martin Berkhan.... Intermittent fasting diet for fat loss, muscle gain and health
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      Do you really need to be at 8%...perhaps your body is happy here for a reason. Plateaus often signal a natural weight that your body would like to maintain. In my experience, to bust plateaus you need to do some long chronic cardio...not primal but it works every time .