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Can primal stop "working"?

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  • Can primal stop "working"?

    I've been eating paleo for about 2 years. GI issues before primal - LOTS of bloating, gas, diarrhea/constipation. I cut out wheat and literally 90% of my issues resolved within a week. First year and a half everything went along beautifully. Never really lost weight but looked a bit better and always felt better (constant energy, etc). Over the last 4-6 months all the bad GI stuff is back - perhaps worse. The bloating that used to be mostly only in the afternoons/evenings pre-primal is now after nearly every meal. It is not uncommon to look more preggers than friends who are really 6 months pregnant! The only meal that does not cause pain is rice cakes with butter or cream cheese. So for the past week or so that is both breakfast and lunch and I just suck up the discomfort after dinner so I can have some veggies and meat and fruit/dark chocolate for dessert.

    I've dabbled (briefly) with GAPS and SCD and FODMAPS in the last few months. After feeling crappy (for the 3-4 days that I can stick with them) on such restrictive diets I just go back to my rice cakes with cream cheese.

    I have a hydrogen gas test and a colonoscopy scheduled for early May but am just so fed up with feeling bad And this certainly doesn't help with the comments from family like "if paleo is so good for you why are you sick"? Sigh.

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    Whats your diet like, what did you eat prior to feeling super bloated?


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      Is it possible you have low stomach acid? Eating primal may have helped, but if your HCL production continues to drop even primal foods won't be well digested. Supplemental HCL and/or digestive enzymes can be a great help for some people with this problem.
      Using low lectin/nightshade free primal to control autoimmune arthritis. (And lost 50 lbs along the way )


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        Are you male or female?


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          It is not unusual for someone with gluten intolerance to find that they are being cross-contaminated by something they didn't suspect, or that they are now intolerant to something else as well.


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            How does one find out if they have low HCl?

            I'm female.

            Foods that give me symptoms (before the end of the meal - they come on fast):
            vegetables of all sorts - cooked, raw - carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini, peppers and eggplant (these two are the worst - I need to sleep alone after eating these)
            fruits - apples are the main problem right now, its winter where I am so I haven't been eating much fruit
            yogurt - hard cheeses and cream cheese are fine, as is half and half

            Things that I have eaten as "simple" meals that have been problem free:
            rice cakes w/butter or cream cheese
            hard cheeses (cheddar, gouda, swiss)

            I know that is a wacky list, but those foods happen to be the ones I've eaten when I'm at someone else's home and am pretty limited... but their lack of a painful response has always been noteworthy.


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              I can think of worse things than an elimination diet of meals of wine, rice cakes with butter and cheese, and cantaloupe for a week or two.


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                Have you tried reintroducing bone broth (GAPS)? Something is definitely disturbing your gut and the broth would at least have a soothing affect while getting some fat and nourishment into you. Probably should stay away from raw veg and stick with some of the easier to digest, well cooked veg like carrots, butternut etc. Review the GAPS protocols and see what you can merge with the primal lifestyle.
                Peppers and eggplant are both nightshades...perhaps a little research into those will reveal some clues, but clearly you should avoid them for now.
                Good luck, digestive issues suck.


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                  Could be a floral problem, maybe a candida overgrowth. Get some good probiotics. Reasoning is, those fiberous veggies set you off, when your floral should be in heaven.

                  Could be a product that you constantly buy has hidden gulten.

                  Could be a nightshade allergy.

                  I would start with probiotics. Make sure it need to be refrigerated. This is what I use. Try double dosing for a month, if it is candida you can crowd it out with a good amount of probiotic.

                  American Health, Probiotic Acidophilus, Natural Strawberry flavor, 16 fl oz (472 ml) -

                  feel free to use zuh430 coupon code if you go with iherb


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                    You may want to experiment with an animal products centered diet. (notice I did not say "carnivorous".) Some resources I can suggest are the blog of Dr. Georgia Ede, called Diagnosis: Diet and the "Dirty Carnivore" website.

                    Since I gave up trying to shove in all kinds of greenery just because it was "supposed to be" good for you, my digestive system has never been happier.


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                      Originally posted by eKatherine View Post
                      I can think of worse things than an elimination diet of meals of wine, rice cakes with butter and cheese, and cantaloupe for a week or two.
                      Could be worse. But, boy do I miss carrots

                      Just took a frozen quart of broth out of the freezer.

                      I'll check out those meat-centered websites.

                      Going to wait on buying supplements until the tests - but thanks for the code.