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Contamination (Dioxins/PCBs, ...) found in eggs/animal fats: Trade-Off?

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  • Contamination (Dioxins/PCBs, ...) found in eggs/animal fats: Trade-Off?

    (Egg consumption heightens all-cause mortality)
    In this study consuming 2 egg a week heightens all-cause mortality over eating 1 egg/week.

    First of all, i agree that a high fat diet with a lot of meat/eggs is healthy. However the contamination of farm grounds and animal foods concerns me.

    Animals usually "store" unhealthy polluants in their fat mass. So if we consume a large amount of animal fat we'd consume a lot more polluants as well.

    You'd say that "biological" food would be the solution, however i'm not really sure how true that is?

    (Enhanced levels of dioxins in eggs from free range hens)

    Does anybody know about research on this topic? Any thoughts???

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    This is why I recommend not eating the skin or fat off meats unless its 100 percent organic grass-fed. If im not eating grass fed then it's lean meat...

    I wouldn't freak out too much about it, but it's another reason to go organic. Pasture/Grass-fed/Organic animals are contaminated with much less chemicals and pollutants.

    Animals store toxins in fat just as we do, another reason why I don't recommend fasting if your liver, kidney, and organs are not in good health as toxins are released as your body burns your fat.
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      Yes, interesting.

      I'm making the transit to a more primal lifestyle, but this is one of the things that are barely mentioned.


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        It's a tradeoff at the beginning I guess... You don't want to hit people with too much info at the start... Ignorance is bliss

        I can tell you right now from everything I've read and studied, I think the cortisol response people would get from knowing everything would negate any benefit from a reaction to the knowledge, especially in the health industry ha
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