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  • Frustrated

    I've been doing Primal on and off for several years. I just started really sticking to it the past 3 or 4 months. I started Crossfit 6 weeks ago and added running in this past week. We are having a weight loss contest at work and I'm not losing anything, I actually gained 2 lbs. (muscle??) ugh. So...not sure if I'm maybe not eating enough? Or I need to add some carbs in? This is a typical meal plan:
    Breakfast: 3 eggs, sometimes w/ bacon
    Lunch: either leftovers from night before (meat & veggie or salad) or I will get a salad from somewhere.
    Snacks: sometimes almonds, banana, or other piece of fruit.
    Dinner: meat & veggie or salad
    After work out: protein shake.

    I have a desk job so I sit all day. I do have a cup of coffee in the AM with some flavored cream, no sugar. And all I ever drink is soda's, juice or sweet tea.

    Any ideas, thoughts, advice


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    Male or female?
    Starting weight?

    My gut feeling is you're undergoing a gradual body recomposition.


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      I'm at 190 right now

      3 years ago when I first started paleo I lost 30 lbs...i had gained some of it back and have lost some but now I'm stuck...really stuck.


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        Try something different. Eating vlc? Try low carb, or add an occasional high carb day. Eating regular meals? Change up for a bit. Try one or more of the different IF plans out there.


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          Sorry, whats vlc and IF?



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            vlc......very low carb

            IF....intermittent fasting

            Good luck...I know I am frustrated too...but I just keep telling myself...long term..long term

            (oops, I accidently put in calorie...what was I thinking about this morning
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              VLC = very low carbohydrate, a high fat diet.


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                Definitely try Ketogenics for a bit. I did it for about 10 days and lost 6 pounds. Started at 140 ended at 134. I started lifting with my husband so I've added back in a little bit of carbs but not much but lifting weights is upping my weight and I'm not around 136. But I know its from muscle gain and eventually the fat will start to come off and I will see the scale drop again.
                Thats the frustrating part for us ladies. Our muscles work so much differently than mens and I always go up on the scale when I start working out while my husband will lose fat like crazy and start looking cut in a couple of weeks. After a month or two of working out, the fat starts to come off for me and then the definition shows. But its a frustrating couple of months to see the weight going up.
                Keep with it and know that you are doing your body SOOOOO much good right now with your workouts. You're building muscle and amazing strength and that will all start to show soon.


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                  Are your clothes feeling any different? Can you wear things you couldn't a couple months ago?

                  A month ago I tried on a pair of old jeans (from skinnier times) that I could barely get on and was scared I'd rip them if tried buttoning. I weighed 207. This morning I weighed 208 and wore those jeans to work.

                  It's frustrating not seeing the scale move, but pretty awesome getting thinner!


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                    What about taking a picture of yourself in the same clothes now and then in a few months you'll see if your body is changing even if you are not losing weight. I have found that I don't lose weight but my body does change.


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                      What's in your protein shake? Whey is notorious for causing bloating/water retention, particularly if they thrown in creatine and/or artificial stuff. It looks like you are eating quite a bit of protein, so you might not need a shake post-workout. You can try a banana or sweet potato with or without egg whites (a-la mug cake). Other than that, boy, that's eating to be proud off, so I would just count cals or volumes a few times to see where you land.
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