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It feels so wrong eating......

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  • It feels so wrong eating......

    Hey guys

    What I cant get into my head is it feels wrong eating bacon and eggs every morning like im having a bad diet,

    And I wanna go for the oats again

    How did you guys get this into your mindset??



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    You've been brainwashed by popular media. How can it be wrong eating something with only a few ingredients as opposed to one of those ridiculous "breakfast cookies" made by nabisco? I wanted to face palm so hard when I saw the ads for those...

    Come on now...a bowl of tasteless oatmeal vs bacon and eggs. Is there any other answer?
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      yes of course im brainwashed :-)

      I love eating bacon and eggs of course its great

      im just in the mindset its bad for me


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        don't be a sheeple


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          The only reason oatmeal isn't tasteless is because of the sugar and flavorings they add to it.


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            try steak and eggs.... droooooooool for breakfast, a minute steak will do with added butter

            or omelettes cooked in the same grass fed butter


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              That is part of the fun! I find the hedonistic side of me is satisfied with such a breakfast. Plus, I have far more steady energy to tackle the day.


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                Heavy cream with gelatin added to it. Mostly it feels "wrong" because I can only eat one bite before becoming full.


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                  It took me some time before I stopped feeling guilty eating more meat (because it was 'bad for me' not for any moral reason). Just make sure you enjoy what you're eating and it will pass.
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                    I don't like bacon and eggs, so I don't eat them for breakfast. I find a smoothie or a yogurt with berries far more desirable on most days and keeps me full longer without unpleasant side-effects (burping eww). But if you like bacon and eggs, and it does not impede weight loss, go for it. I know that bacon was too much for my husband, so I make his eggs with mushrooms. Not that he is losing weight anyway, I think. But, I think home-made lard is healthier than bacon with nitrates so that's what we order for our pig. Basically, whatver works for you. And, if you want oatmeal some day, well, eat oatmeal. It's just not really tasty. Other grains are more flavorful and less processed, like buckwheat or millet, nad makes for a great breakfast with fruit and yogurt or butter.
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                      How do you feel? Do you feel better or worse? Better energy or worse? Better concentration, better appetite control or worse? How's your digestion? Farting less?
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                        I don't know why people assume Primal means you have to eat bacon and eggs every morning. As mentioned, try a fruit smoothie; eat fruit; have some fish (smoked salmon, kippered herring); skip breakfast, and do an IF until lunch; have a non-traditional breakfast (some chicken, or a steak, or a baked potato). There are really tons of things you can eat, and if you do eat eggs, there's nothing to say you have to have bacon or other meat with them: throw a bunch of veggies in the skillet with your eggs.

                        Oatmeal and grains (toast, pancakes, bagels, cereal) are filler foods of no value, IMO. Cows are fed grains to fatten them more quickly. If you think that's a healthy paradigm, God bless ya. I'll take a deconstructed lox bagel any time: smoked salmon, tomatoes, cucumber, some dill, a little cream cheese or goat cheese... and hold the bagel.


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                          I'm not convinced that eating (heavily processed) bacon every day is good for you. The guy above ^^^ has basically said exactly what I was going to say though, so I'll leave it at that.


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                            Originally posted by zilog View Post
                            I'm not convinced that eating (heavily processed) bacon every day is good for you. The guy above ^^^ has basically said exactly what I was going to say though, so I'll leave it at that.
                            Agree. I have two or more types of cooked and ready-to-eat meat in the refrigerator at all times. Right now there is pork shoulder, pot roast, and chicken in broth. Plus cheese. This morning I had a slice of beef with a spoonful of cream.


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                              Ahhhh! I miss my oatmeal..... I used to make it with half milk and a grated apple, cinnamon and vanilla. The apple and cinnamon made it sweet enough.
                              I now have bacon and fried banana pretty much every is delish, but I miss my oatmeal. LOL

                              I think you will feel better about it all as your energy level increases and stabilizes and your weight drops. If your body is telling you it is right, I say believe it
                              Started Primal June 2012 at 148.5lbs, and 5' 1", reached goal weight in 5 months.
                              Lowest weight 93lbs - too thin. Now stable at around 100lbs much better weight for me at my age.
                              Primal, minus eggs, dairy and a myriad of other allergens.