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Strange cravings....and I gave in to them

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  • Strange cravings....and I gave in to them

    This may not be strange for many of you, but today was a very strange eating day for me and I'm feeling a little guilty. Six weeks into PB. This morning went to the gym like any normal day. Came home, had coffee with cream and 3 breakfast sausage. At lunch, the need for sausage kicked in again, so I fried up 5 more and ate those with some berries. Come dinner time, I'm out of sausage but I find some bacon. Six strips of bacon and some berries and I'm FINALLY FEELING SATISFIED. What is that about? Never in my life have I felt the urge to eat like that!

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    Heh, that sounds like breakfast alone for me, sans the berries.

    EDIT: Ballparking it here and guessing on what type of sausage you ate, but the foods you listed look like they add up to maybe a 1000 calories.

    So, if that's all you ate for the day, and depending on your weight, I probably wouldn't call it a strange craving...I'd just call it hunger.
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      I have days when I go pork mad. It's not strange really, when you think of the yumminess that is pork in all its glorious incarnations!

      I don't think guilt is very Primal though so I would probably try to cut that bit out ;-)

      The only time I regret sausages is when my lovely husband forgets to buy the gluten free ones from our fabulous butcher, and I pay for days with IBS, mood swings, post-nasal drip and HMS flare ups after being wheated! I think he learnt his lesson last time though.


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        That's a lot of sodium, too. Your body must be on a salt/fat kick. Better that than a sugar craving any day.
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          You need to buy some more sausage. Put some extra in the freezer, too.


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            Better to be craving meat than craving grains and sugar


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              Don't feel guilty!
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                What Croak said - that hardly sounds like enough to sustain you through the day, let alone through a workout.

                Where are the veggies? Maybe even a little bit of starchy carbs like squash or (sweet) potatoes? I know that your everyday eating likely doesn't look like that, but a bunch of meat and some berries wouldn't keep me going for very long.

                If it's not common for this to happen, who cares? It's all primal (I'm assuming), so if your diet is varying from day to day, one day of sausage/baconfest isn't going to hurt.


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                  You all are so funny, I guess I did go a little pork mad and have a baconfest! (I did make primal banana bread and had some of that as well) And eKatherine, I most definitely will be heading out today to replenish the pork in my freezer!!

                  And no, I don't normally eat this way, I do get veggies and starches in along with my meats and berries...its just that yesterday I only had eyes for bacon and sausage! The urge was so strong thats all I wanted all day long, and I wasnt feeling hungry between meals so something was definitely going on, because before PB, my urges were always for chocolate.