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Anybody catch Michael Mosley's fasting show on PBS last night?-I have ?s

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  • Anybody catch Michael Mosley's fasting show on PBS last night?-I have ?s

    First off, with this being my first post and not a meet and greet, I thought a little bg info on me might be helpful.
    I have been paleo for 8 months, and I have lost 25 lbs down to 175lb from 200, so yeah me. At this juncture I would estimate my BF at between 8-12%.

    So long story short, I was not really interested in weight loss goals when I saw this program in the listings, although, for some reason my body is telling me that I need to shed about 5 more lbs. How is it telling me that you ask? Well, recently I decided to attempt to adhere more strictly to Mark's fitness plan, which for me meant adding some slow movement. For some reason beyond the calories burned, this addition has gotten me off of a plateau that I figured was going to be more or less permanent without drastic measures since I am already middle aged and was pretty close to an ideal weight even at 180 lbs. So i will keep at it and see what happens. But enough about me....

    Being a paleo guy, the fasting aspect was not all that eye opening, and there are many ways to skin that cat anyway.

    The show mentioned something about low protein being a key, and my ears perked up, but they seemed to gloss over this mention the rest of the show. I know paleo is not necessarily high protien, but can anyone shed some more light on this? They seemed to be hinting a lower levels of protien consumption than we are used to.

    Another question I have concerns cell regeneration. They mentioned that the fasting, among other things, put the body into repair mode rather than grow mode. It seems to me that with the protien intake and PBF plan that one of the goals of paleo is to be growth, no matter how slow. In my own case for example, I have graduated from the basic primal movements up the chart to the more difficult exercises, and there had to have been some muscle growth associated with that-for me I would estimate a muscle gain of perhaps 2-4lbs at most these past 8 months-but growth nonetheless. Seems like there is a conflict here.

    I realize that there will be diminishing returns in the strength department, and even for me i don't plan on pursuing strength much farther beyond getting my pistol squat numbers up, completing a one armed pull up/push up, and a muscle up or two, and perhaps some new interesting exercises just to keep things fresh. Sprinting it would also seem, is in conflict here as well. I love sprinting BTW.

    Long post, but your thoughts would be appreciated.

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    I caught it. I think Paul Jaminet's website and book touch on protein restriction too.

    I don't think anyone would advocate protein deficiency but the magic of the fasting periods might have something to do with how the body rations protein during a mild shortage. The body adapts to almost anything, so maybe we shouldn't stay in the same "mode" all the time?

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      There's lots to read about protein restriction, igf1 and methionine restriction. Methioninine restriction without calorie restriction has extended the lives of rodents studied so far.

      Mitochondrial oxidative stress,... [Biochim Biophys Acta. 2006 May-Jun] - PubMed - NCBI

      Lowered methionine ingestion as respons... [Biochim Biophys Acta. 2008] - PubMed - NCBI

      Methionine Restriction Differs From Calorie Restriction

      The Daily Lipid: Anyone Doing Paleo Without Liver, Bones, Skin, and Greens?

      Methionine Restriction as the Cause of Calorie Restriction Benefits