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    So I'm pretty new to the "diet" but have been a long time reader/investigator of paleo. Just finished massage therapy school and got my licence. I have a full time job and work as a MT 1 day a week right now which amounts to about 4 hours of massage. Think 4 hours of low level aerobics. So my issue is that I'm usually EXHAUSTED after a shift. I want to move into more massage work andstop the FT work. While its partly a conditioning thing, being really tired after a shift also has to be a nutrition thing. When I'm being stricter with paleo i find its harder to stay full - I'm always hungry and its worse after massage work - and all I want is to eat lots of carbs. Anyone have similar jobs/experiences? What works for you to stay full and keep energy levels up? When I start working as a MT more, I don't want to be so tired after every shift that I don't want to do anything the rest of the day!
    Thanks and cheers
    Ps: my goals with paleo are to lose weight but also just feel better. So weight loss is a priority for me.
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    "Weight loss" and "stay full and keep energy levels up" do not always go well together. It's certainly possible to achieve both at the same time, but there's no guarantee that you'll be able to do it.

    Oh, and paleo and low-carb are separate things. When you say "being stricter with paleo", do you really mean "eating less carbs"? Not the same thing at all.


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      I mean I try for 50 % fat, 30 protein and 20 carbs from veg/fruit sources. Doesnt mean I do it. I have a serious sugar addiction


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        Originally posted by denali View Post
        I have a serious sugar addiction
        Well, you know the problem you need to handle, then. I also suspect that your blood sugar does huge swings during the day in the usual pre-diabetic way: spike with dietary sugar, plummet in a few hours, oh, no, I'm weak and hungry and sugar helps! rinse and repeat.


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          How are your stress levels? Are you getting enough quality sleep at night? I find that stress and/or poor sleep lead me to crave carbs, especially sugars and breads. I would look at those things first. Also, are you eating enough food?


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            See if you can increase the days you work a 4 hour shift, while making sure that until you are ready you get a full day off.