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Egg rut.

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  • Egg rut.

    So I normally eat eggs everyday for breakfast, and normally everyday I love it. But lately, Eggs and I just aren't on the same page. Things are boring. It's becoming a drag.
    What can I do to bring some flavour or something new to my egg dish?

    Also, because Mark's been talking a lot about seasons and food lately, it got me thinking: is that why we get sick of foods if we eat the same thing for so long? Because in nature I wouldn't be able to eat eggs everyday, so maybe my body (mainly my taste buds) aren't really equipped to eat the saaaame food everrrrryday without switching it up.
    Just a thought!

    Anyway, any suggestions would be superrr

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    Try whipping up some homemade uncooked salsa. Dice a tomato, add a little garlic and seasoning. Mmmmm...


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      How do you eat your eggs every morning?

      You can make a crustless quiche on Sunday nights (or whenever you want I suppose) and just have a slice each morning with a salad and some bacon.


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        I've been in the same boat for the past few days...I've been eating scrambled eggs w/ fresh herbs & little feta in coconut oil/bacon fat/butter every day for the past 2-1/2 months since becoming primal (before that I rarely ate eggs as a main dish) & a few days ago, they just didn't seem appealing...I had to choke them down yesterday, even WITH a side of bacon....?!?! I drank a whey protein/coconut milk "shake" this a.m. but it's not cuttin' it...hmmmm?!


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          I add meat and veggies to my scrambled eggs every morning... one day it may be ham and cheese, next day veggies (mushrooms and peppers are a good choice), next day it may be bacon... etc.

          don't just eat the same ol plain eggs everyday.


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            I made last night's pork chops in coconut oil, bacon grease and butter. This morning I used that pan to scramble my eggs. It was fabulous!


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              I love my mushroom and spinach omelets. I tend to just fix regular scrambled eggs during the week so I can jet off to work quicker and I make omelets on the weekends when I have time.


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                Omlette with mushrooms, onions and chorizo (just to taste).

                Frying steak and eggs

                Tomato and egg bake.

                Courgette and onion eggah (Arabic)

                Haddock fillet with a poached egg and a mustard and cream sauce.

                Spinach omlette.

                Courgette Frittata

                That's next week sorted out...


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                  How do you eat your eggs now?

                  Lately I've liked them scrambled with a couple pieces of bacon all cooked in some coconut oil. Add 1/2 - 1 avocado and maybe some salsa or cilantro.
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                    the avocado deviled eggs are my new favorite! but i cant even make myself get sick of eggs, i have tried!
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                      I like fritatas. Eggs with any leftovers that are roaming my fridge. (Steak and bacon fritata? yes please)


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                        Why not have something else for breakfast? A BAS, or spaghetti squash with coconut milk and pecans.

                        Eggs can make their appearance later in the day, maybe in egg salad wrapped in romaine for lunch.
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                          I love eggs, and they've been one of the big "wow, I can eat them now!" PB things for me.

                          That being said, I too mix it up how I eat them: hard boiled with a spoonful of coconut oil and a pinch of salt; deviled (can't wait to try the avocado version!); fried with some bacon or steak; poached; and my fav - omelets (no two are hardly ever the same -- like Daemonized, I find mushrooms and spinach awesome; sometimes I'll add a little cheddar or carrots or slivered almonds; have added steak and shrimp -- pretty much an open the fridge and see what's there kind of deal!). On top of that are some great frittata's and crustless quiches, all of which can be done with endless variety as well...


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                            The great thing about eggs is that there are a lot of ways to prepare them, so simply changing that up might reenergize your taste buds. If you scramble your eggs every morning, try frying them in bacon grease this week. If you fry them, try making omelettes instead. Boil a dozen or more up on a Sunday night and have a big primal breakfast salad each day over the ensuing week; use up all those eggs and bacon slowly. Once you've exhausted those options, you can try baking some eggs with whatever meats and veggies you have on hand in muffin trays in the oven. These are a great option to prepare the night before and refrigerate, so you can eat on the go on those mornings when you don't have time to make a fresh breakfast. Eventually, after you have loaded up your egg dishes with veggies, salsas, meats, and whatever else you can fathom can be suspended in a baked, boiled, or fried egg, by the time you come back around in the cycle a month later, the way you were preparing your eggs when you got sick of them seems new again.

                            Of course, if you're really sick of them, just skip the eggs for a day and grab some fruit and nuts instead.


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                              Hi, Tish: Do you enjoy cooking enough to follow recipes? I know many people can't be bothered, but if you don't mind following recipes, there are thousands of ways to use eggs that will provide you with lots of variety. Also, I wanted to point out, that this is the prime time of year to be eating eggs. Springtime is egg time, much more naturally than during the winter. I have backyard chickens and they're sometimes laying two eggs per day, so I've had to come up with lots of creative ways to use eggs. Here is my current favorite: and you can also simply Google "egg recipes" to find thousands more.