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How to answer my boyfriend's question?

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  • How to answer my boyfriend's question?

    My BF wants me to show websites or studies which prove that eating eggs and organ meat does not affect our body cholesterol in bad ways.(i.e how dietary cholesterol is not bad for you)

    He has seen me eating primal the last month and is impressed with the results and wants to try the primal lifestyle.He has some questions , though i can assimilate the details here I'm still not in a position to explain it to someone who asks for more detail. Could anyone provide me with studies or links which can answer his question?

    Thank you so much.

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      Just google "cholesterol egg myths" and you'll get a wealth of websites.


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        Scientific journals are always a good trump

        Dietary cholesterol has little effect on serum cholesterol and serum cholesterol level in itself is a useless predicator of heart disease risk. More heart attacks are suffered with low cholesterol, which makes sense since lower LDL levels typically mean smaller particle sizes which are more prone to oxidation and endothelium penetration. And low HDL is trouble no matter what.
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          Gary Taubes! His book (Good calories Bad Calories) is chock full of the type of research you are looking for...but it is an intense and dense read. Although i haven't seen it yet, he supposedly has a lecture on youtube with the highlights.

          A good starting point is his ny times article:


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            You could look up cholesterol skeptics as well.


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              For what is worth, these are the two base arguments I use:
              a) Humans have existed for around 200k years and have not changed significantly in the last 10k years
              b) why would we need to eat food that we didnt have access too for 190,000 years in order to thrive?

              You can also look for articles mentioning the Inuit's diet an their almost non-existent incidence of heart disease, and very hihg incidence of heart disease on the vegetarian population of India.
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                  Thanks Guys , I have forwarded all the links to my BF and im sure he will come around.
                  I love this community everyone is so helpful and supportive