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The power of fat

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  • The power of fat

    This morning I was rushing to an exam, so instead of my normal breakfast of eggs, tomato, and avocado, I put some macadamias in a bag (2/3rds of a cup, so a little over 3oz I'm guessing?) and hurried out the door.

    Usually I'm hungry two hours later, but I didn't even think about food till around 7:00 at night... the result being that I ate 30% fewer calories during the entire day. Crazy! That fat kept my blood sugar rock steady all day so I had zero cravings.

    As a side note, this makes me think that macadamias are better suited as a meal than as a snack, as they're really only satisfying in portions greater than the typical snack size... otherwise people end up eating tons of them ON TOP of their normal meals.

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    I've noticed the same! cream or butter every morning keeps me energetic all afternoon and keeps my hunger at bay. for some reason, eggs and bacon and veggies don't do this... they're satisfying, yes, but I find myself hungry again quickly. I wonder why.


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      I couldn't agree more. Going all out on fat/protein as a breakfast is an excellent way to start the day.

      I try to balance it with a carb heavy/protein dinner, with a balance between the two for lunch. Keeps all my macros and micros relatively balanced.
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        I live in fear of developing an expensive macadamia habit.

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