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Not-so-strictly Paleo for a year now.

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  • Not-so-strictly Paleo for a year now.

    Female, 16, Indian.
    I've been eating according to the paleo diet for a year now. I'd stayed strictly low carb for more than a few months until a trip back to India Anyway, my daily diet consists of eggs in the morning with maybe some cheese and either beef or chicken with veggies for lunch. Might have the same thing late evening if I get hungry. A lil fruit now and then and on daily cup of coffee/tea (with sugar). Having maintained this pattern throughout the past year I lost weight, a lot of my hair, got really brittle nails, dizziness when I stand up suddenly, foggy thinking, low concentration, dark circles under my eyes and overall low energy. Not to mention the pimples
    Thinking I was going too high-protein I started to eat more fat. This proved even more disastrous as my dizziness, foggy thinking and crankiness got worse. Eating more carbs, I got all my old problems back, acid reflux, headaches, still low energy.
    As a student my experimentation with my diet really takes up a lot of my valuable time and I can't afford to do my own research to improve.
    I was hoping I could get some help from you guys. As you can probably tell from my post, I don't have much knowledge of diet and health, and can only tell what's right by the way I feel. But of course that's the best way to know.
    P.S. My mom has hypothyroid and I am also prone to it under stress. Also I have terrible digestion :/

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    Hon, you're 16 years old. Did you even have weight to lose? How low did you go with the carbs and why?


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      Without more information, it sounds like you are not eating enough in general & not enough carbs. Agreed with unchatenfrance.
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