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Bulletproof coffee is AMAZEBALLS!

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    Originally posted by Markbt View Post
    You missed the entire point of what I wrote and the entire point of bulletproof fasting. Whether you call it fasting or not, consuming only small amounts of fat calories has drastically different effects than consuming any amount of protein or sugar calories.

    Normally the point of fasting is to achieve something, not just fasting for the sake of the definition of fasting. This is a method to achieve something. If you aren't interested in that then don't do it. If you are interested but want to call it something else to preserve the precious definition of fasting, thats fine also.
    Your point was illogical... I missed nothing. I've read all about BP coffee and the over priced beans and people claiming they are fasting will consuming 200 calories of butter in their morning coffee. It's all bullshit. If you're going to IF, then IF.
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      Originally posted by oxide View Post
      eKatherine, can you have chocolate? You can make Bulletproof hot cocoa too. Just use cocoa powder and water instead of coffee. I've had some success with bulletproof tea too, best with a strong black tea.
      I feel like it's something I might want to try when I'm short on calories. At the moment I don't eat breakfast and I don't feel the need for calories at that time. I exercise fasted and don't eat until 3:00 pm.


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        I must be bad at this whole paleo thing. I don't even drink coffee, so unfortunately I've never had the opportunity to load it up with butter. Although the upside is I'm not supporting Dave Asprey either financially or philosophically. I don't like bullshitters.