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    Originally posted by lucy1984 View Post
    Also, give her lots of support. Make sure she knows that you love her and are attracted to her no matter what size she is. This will help reduce her stress about her weight, which can also affect weight loss.
    Yes, it's hard to tell whether she actually wants to lose weight or if it's you that wants her to. Or if she'd like to, but is not prepared to commit to what it takes (ie fully primal). Especially bearing in mind that unfortunately it sometimes seems a whole lot easier for men than women to easily succeed.

    Maybe just be careful not to put temptations in her way, don't comment at all on her efforts or results (my husband would NEVER ask me what I weigh and I appreciate that. I could also sometimes do with a little more reassurance that he thinks I'm fine the way I am. Believe it or not, that would not demotivate me from trying to improve myself), and keep doing what works for you. You can probably cheat a bit without it hurting your results, maybe not the same for her. If you do that in front of her, it can be tough.

    If she really seriously wants to know about how to make this work for her, direct her to the articles on site.
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      I'll echo the multiple posters that said she is over-training and under-eating. Seriously, she is working out often but eating very low-carb. VLC is mostly for overweight sedentary people, which she is not. Get those good starches in her, like plantain and sweet potatoes, and convince her to lay off some of the running.

      Again, what is her sleep and stress levels like? Stop weighing all time. She is eating well now, not binge dieting. It might take a bit for her body to heal other more important things, like the endocrine system, before it's willing to drop weight.

      Do a search on this board and you'll find TONS of threads similar to this one.


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        If your girlfriend has "only" around 20-30 lbs to lose, it's understandable why that kind of fat will fight and nail to stay on her body, as opposed to if she had 50+ lbs to lose and was palpably overweight. Give it time, I'd say around 2 months. A lot of people will say to not be militant and eat some carbs and fruit, but I've found that if your goal is under 30 lbs, you really do have to dial in the carbs. This means reducing, if not eliminating fruit, dairy, caffeine, and the like for a few weeks. The tummy pooch will melt away if she does that.

        In the first week or so of that kind of VLC regime, it will take a lot of self control. She might experience cravings. Take it easy on the running/sprinting and take more long, easy walks.

        Supplementing with L-Glutamine and Chromium might help, too.


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          Originally posted by fcby9 View Post
          This means reducing, if not eliminating fruit, dairy, caffeine, and the like for a few weeks.
          Why caffeine?


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            Originally posted by unchatenfrance View Post
            Why caffeine?
            Personally, caffeine is a trigger. I tend to use it as a crutch when I'm short on sleep and want an instant spurt of energy. It just wires me up. Coffee in and of itself is fine (purely from a nutritional POV), but I add dairy (1/2 and 1/2) because I don't like it black. As soon as dairy enters the equation, at least for me, fat loss is impeded. Plus I've noticed feeling more bloated and looking puffier when I have coffee.

            Tea, especially green and herbal, and superior options. But to each his/her own.