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Are canned sardines really OK?

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  • Are canned sardines really OK?

    Hey all,

    I know I have seen canned sardines being recommended on the board and I'm wondering if they're really OK, as I've been eating them for a loooong time (various brands).

    The brand I like most is in a tomato sauce, and the ingredients are listed as :sardines, tomato paste (tomatoes, water, salt), water, salt. This doesn't look too sketchy but I just wanted to make sure I didn't have to be concerned about the tomato paste. I don't want to seem obsessive but I eat sardines a couple times a week, 2-3 cans at a time.

    Thank you!

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    I am pretty sure that somebody will pop up and say they may be bad for you, but don't listen to those scaremongers, nobody can live for ever anyway…
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      Looks good to me. I use plain old tomato paste in soup all the time.

      I know the feeling of blocking the aisle for an hour while reading seafood cans--they seem to vary quite a lot.

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        Nothing beats fresh can buy them frozen. Just a warning, you may want to cook them outside on the bbq because they really SMELL. your clothes will smell, and so will your skin for a day or two after cooking them . I love bbqing sardines and i dont mind the smell, I come from a portuguese background so we eat them a lot...mmm. They also taste a lot better than the canned ones. They taste nothing like the canned ones infact.


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          In a pinch, I eat them.

          I find that they tend to be canned in BPA-lined containers. Also, accumulation of histamines is not my cup of tea.
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            They're ok as long as you check the ingredient list and they're not packed in soybean oil or any of the crap vegetables oils. I eat sardines with tomato sauce too, with soy sauce to enhance the flavor. I'm not giving up my soy sauce.
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              I'm concerned about BPA also. There are some manufacturers that are using bpa free cans. Other than that, I love those little guys. Since fresh works out to about 75% more cost wise, right now I'm sticking with canned.

              Yesterday, my main meal consisted of two cans drained and then doused with mustard.
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                I love most fish and seafood and regularly eat anchovies, but I just cannot get into sardines. Maybe I just haven't tried the right kind?


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                  I actually like canned ones better than fresh (yeah, weird, I know). I didn't know that about the BPA. Thanks again everyone!