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New to paleo and some questions and weird cravings!

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  • New to paleo and some questions and weird cravings!

    Hi all. This is my first foray into the world of Paleo and I am on Week 3 day 2 of my Whole30. So far I feel pretty good and like eating a lot of foods I avoided when I was low fat.

    I started strong, but recently I noticed that I am craving very specific things and that some things are just so unappetizing. It makes me feel limited. For example, on Friday I wa craving steak so badly that I spent 45 minutes texing my boyfriend about it. We got steak for dinner and it was delightful. The only thing I want for dinner lately is egg salad, and bacon, and bacon and eggs sound good for breakfast. I crave bacon everyday and eat at least one hard boiled egg with lunch everyday. I'm ok with tuna as long as it is on my salad. But right now the thought of turkey or chicken is nasty! I have a lot of that in my house because boyfriend doesn't eat red meat for cholesterol and BP reasons, so we never have any. Is it normal to only want really specific things and have an aversion to others this early? I don't think I can stick with this if thats what I eat. I had four pieces of bacon and two natural beef hotdogs for dinner last night. That sounds ridiculous to me.

    I'm new, so maybe this is ok, but I don't know. Also, I'm trying to lose weight, so I am only eating one fruit, either apple or orange, or frozen berries with coconut milk, per day at the end of the day for my dessert. I kind that keeps me from binging on fruit.

    Also, I'm eating easily 250 calories worth of mixed nuts (unroasted unsalted bulk from WF). It's the only thing that sounds edible in the morning. Do you think this is too much?

    I'm 25 and 5'7" at 166ish looking to be 150 to start.

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    If you aren't hungry in the morning (nothing sounds edible), then just don't eat until you actually get hungry. If your body wants a steak, have a steak. If it wants eggs, have eggs.

    As for your dinner of bacon and hotdogs, try to throw some vegetables in there. I would try to avoid hotdogs all together though.


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      If this is a big adjustment from your previous food, be gentle with yourself.

      I find freestyling stressful so I plan and shop 7 days at a time. I'll often eat the same dinner 3-4 nights in a row out of practicality (e.g. large roast & produce taking up space) but my choices started to look less weird as I became fully nourished. When I have a well-formulated plate of protein/starch/green to look forward to I don't really think about food or snacking. Cured meats are a nice garnish but I don't feel right making meals out of them.

      I put both fruit and nuts in my dessert category--their nutrients are not suitable for "fill up" foods so empty stomach is asking for trouble (in my experience). My breakfast is around 2pm now. It took a while to shake the notion of eating at 8am because I "should" even though I had no appetite.

      My peculiar nutrition glossary and shopping list