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Young primal eater, trying to maintain healthy weight.

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  • Young primal eater, trying to maintain healthy weight.

    Hi everyone, my first post here. : ) I am a 20 year old male and having recently read 'The primal blue print' I've decided to try my hand at paleo eating.

    So far it's going well. I have cut out cereals and most grains. Although alcohol remains my main vice, I don't drink that often. I barely eat bread anymore and only the occasional biscuit. What I'm really struggling with is maintaining a healthy weight.

    Basically. I used to be a big sandwich guy for lunch. I'm really struggling to find a quick and easy lunch time solution at the moment as I am usually out and about and very busy with work. I don't really enjoy salads that much and where I am currently living (Austria) there is a poor selection of salad ingredients in supermarkets.

    I have a very quick metabolism and I find that with work and exercise 3 times a week. I'm not eating enough at lunch or really at all through out the day.

    I'm trying to replace normal snacks with nuts, fruit and dark chocolate. Breakfast is going well with scrambled eggs most mornings and blueberries and dinner is normally chicken, pork or steak with vegetables.

    I'm just really struggling with lunch and I have recently stopped eating it. I don't think I need to fast as I'm not trying to lose weight.

    Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Would having a sandwich, but cutting out on other carbs be a possible solution?

    Thanks a lot. I hope to see you all around the forums.

    Edit: Sorry, my height is 5"11 (and 3/4 ha ha) and I currently weigh about 165 pounds. I know this sounds healthy, but I currently feel tired and weak a lot of the time and I feel I am losing weight, when I am trying to build muscle.
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    Just a quick reply to say that I'm also struggling with gaining healthy weight since going Primal, I've decided I need to have more carbohydrate foods as I don't think i'm getting enough - I just ate a bowl of quinoa, and moght start having organic porridge oats for breakfast with my omelette or something. I exercise 4-5 times a week too, and since i've started cutting out grains like rice and oats etc, and especially drinking milk, i've lost quite a bit of facial fat and he plumpness in my cheeks which I had when I ate these foods, so I think I need to start eating more carbohydrates to restore this - also I have never been overweight I am currently 55kg and 5 foot 7, 24 years old.