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Bacon, day 6

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  • Bacon, day 6

    I've seen a few pictures of primal meals and one that was bacon and eggs. The eggs looked raw on the tops and the bacon fat looked creamy white still. So I was not able to tell if it was a meal still cooking or that was how it was served. So to get to my question when it comes to bacon, cooking it to a crisp is not ideal. I've always favored "less cooked" but you know the CW stuff was always thrown in my face.

    Kind of strange that for the many times I did things right, I was told I was wrong.

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    I've never liked crisp bacon, tastes like a steak that was left on the grill for too long (bland, dry and lifeless).

    I've cooked bacon before where the meat still looked a little raw in places and have had no ill effects.
    I didn't like the rules you gave me, so I made some of my own.

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      still chewy bacon is where it's at.
      It's grandma, but you can call me sir.


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        Man... I love the crispy stuff! That's the only problem I've had with eating Primal... I don't like the consistancy of animal fat. Total bummer, but chewing on fat grosses me out.


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          Ideally, I like it just cooked through. But today I was messing around with my tea, and it got crispy.
          Guess what? Still good :-D


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            Thanks for the replies. I take it that after cooking to the 165 degree mark I can call it good and eat it as plump and fatty as I like.