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When you are injured and can't exercise, what do you change abt your diet?

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  • When you are injured and can't exercise, what do you change abt your diet?

    I was so excited to have been able to exercise for the past 3 weeks. Prior to that, I had SI joint injuries and a stress fractured foot that precluded me from exercising in any consistent way for almost 3 months. However, this past Friday I bent down to get something and pulled a muscle in my back. I went to the doc to make sure I hadn't done anything worse, and was told to rest, ice, heat and take anti-inflammatories. I was also given a muscle relaxer, which I have yet to take. I'm not big on taking meds, so ibuprofen (400mg at a time) is pretty much what I'm willing to take.

    I thought I was getting better, having done what the doc said and rested, etc. This morning I reinjured my back by trying to load the dishwasher. So now I'm back to thinking there is a bleak outlook for the next week or so on what I'll be able to do for exercise.

    Over the 3 months I wasn't exercising, I still kept to about 95% Primal eating and didn't gain any weight (I even went on a cruise during that time and didn't gain a pound). I don't want to just maintain my weight this time. I have quite a bit more weight to lose (I've already lost around 42lbs over the past year living Primally), and I'd like to continue losing while I'm healing this stupid injury.

    I know I can cut down my carbs a bit...maybe into the 50-75g range, but what about fat? Is it necessary to cut that by a bit as well? I know it's probably personal experimentation, but I'd still like to hear other's opinions on the matter.


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    i've got a stuffed ankle atm. not sure if it is sprained or fractured. i didnt go to the doctor. i still walk on it which poss isnt helping so i have been trying to work out ways of working around it. i've been getting into doing boxing bag tabatas first thing instead of my 1 mile run before breakfast. i have been doing sets of 20 push ups. leg raises. glut bridges and planks so far today. when i go to the gym, i do upper body and core. it's a matter of working around what you have. a back injury could be harder as that is so much more central to movement. i havent worried about cutting carbs or fat. i have just eaten.


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      When I tore my MCL not too long ago, I had to reduce overall caloric intake a bit, and definitely cut the carbs. I kept my carb intake to around 40-50 grams per day.

      Protein intake was moderate, and fat intake was fairly high. Don't remember the exact numbers, but I didn't necessarily "cut back" on the fats.

      I maintained my weight and felt pretty good despite not being able to exercise.

      Just my personal experience.

      My nutrition/fitness/critical thinking blog:


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        Nothing. I don't eat extra to compensate for exercise, so there's no need to cut back.


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          Sounds like you have bigger problems then what you are eating. Pulling muscles by just moving sounds like your body is very out of wack. What do you do for exercise when you can? Do you do any mobility, flexibility, movement and prehab/rehab work?


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            It sounds like you need some bone broth. Build up your bone and connective tissue strength so this won't happen again.


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              IMHO, take the muscle relaxers with the ibuprofen. I hurt my back lifting a table a few years ago. My back hurt for 6 months before I went to the doctor for something else and brought it up. After a week on ibuprofen and muscle relaxers, I was back to normal.