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  • "spices"......

    What are spices on the ingredient list?

    Can MSG be hidden under it?
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    msg usually hides under "natural flavors."

    if you're in doubt about what something is, don't eat it. pretty simple.
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      I use a lot of Cinnamon, Oregano, and hot chili sauce. Also mixed green herbs and some garlic...
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        I use the mantra, if it has an ingredient list it isn't paleo/primal. I don't eat it.


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          Though they have some issues, Whole Foods does a pretty good job of not stocking anything with MSG in it, and will go so far as to pull an entire company's products off the shelves if that company is found to be in violation of the terms. I'm not sure if it is written into their purchasing contracts or not, but they take it pretty seriously.

          If you find a product at Whole Foods, you can be pretty sure that it won't have msg. Myths and Misconceptions: MSG | Whole Foods Market

          More than likely you can find it somewhere else cheaper, if it's a fairly common product like Thai Kitchen or something like that.

          *edit* Here's the full list: Unacceptable Ingredients for Food | Whole Foods Market


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            I am surprised with the amount of spice mixes that have sugar in the mix. I don't buy combo spices anymore, they sneak stuff in.

            As for the reference to "spices" in an ingredient list, I get suspicious, why not list them?

            On the other hand, maybe it is a KFC "seven secret herbs and spices" kind of thing - protecting their recipe? fair enough