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Need smart ppl: Caloric distribution & damage of starvation

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  • Need smart ppl: Caloric distribution & damage of starvation

    1) carbs protein and fats, you can eat as much as you want but there's this bad info spreading around that you should eat about 60-80% carb, 5-15% protein, rest % fat.

    does anyone know of any real, concrete evidence or study that clearly shows why it would be significantly beneficial to eat around that %? do you get superpowers?? the vast majority of ppl just eat food, and they are all fine. i dont think they'll missing out on any superpowers.

    im so confused. can someone straighten out the food marketing industry?

    2) what are the MAJOR long term damage of not eating (or drinking) for, say, 1-3 days? does your organs get damaged? how so? reliable links to evidence only please.

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    You might want to start reading the blogs and primers in the main section of Mark's Daily Apple. Most of the unanswered questions you are asking are answered there.
    Good luck


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      na-uh... that's why i have to ask here. guess i'll try asking elsewhere

      unless anybody knows??


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        Originally posted by straving2death View Post
        na-uh... that's why i have to ask here. guess i'll try asking elsewhere

        unless anybody knows??
        Actually, Mark did an ENTIRE weeklong series on the benefits and risks of fasting last year. He addressed both sort-term IFing and longer term fasts in that series. I suggest you look it up.
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          ok first of all, that fasting series Intermittent Fasting FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions | Mark's Daily Apple only cover within a 24hr period, and doesn't say what happens over that time frame

          it also doesn't cover the question asked here about long term damage.

          the evidence presented in that series is also very one-sided. fasting is known to be ill-advised (in my mind) and the blog posts doesn't present any counter-evidence from reliable sources which makes me VERY VERY cautious

          currently reading around to find the REAL answer. will try q&a site stackexchange next if i can't find on my own.
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            There's no long term damage from fasting 1-3 days. Why don't you just read the articles again? And 80% carbs is not necessary for good health. You can probably be healthy so long as all those carbs are grains and legumes, but that would be a lot of potatoes and carrots to eat.
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              "And 80% carbs is not necessary for good health" -- why? can you link to some good evidence/readings/articles

              if i had found something reliable on the topic of caloric distribution over the years, i won't have to be asking here -- thanks!

              please link to proof that there is no long-term damage for not eating and drink over a 1-3 days period!
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