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I need to build up my husband...

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  • I need to build up my husband...

    He is 48 and was in a terrible car accident 2 years ago. He's suffered from a lot of lingering injuries. Although he is overweight and has diabetes, I've noticed that he seems to be wasting away. His hair is thinner, he is weak after 2 years of almost no activity due to his injuries and pain. His muscles seem to be wasting, and he can't stay awake. Any advice on the most nutrient dense foods and supplements to give him? He's willing to try anything.

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    Follow the primal diet for a few weeks and the improvement you will see from that will be a huge jump start. More fat and less sugary carbs will be helpful for the diabetes. Cut out gluten and possibly dairy as well to see if either of those are triggers for pain and other issues.


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      I'm so sorry about your husband.

      Bone broth

      Any exercise he can do. Even raising a lowering his arms.

      Standing as much as he can, if he can.

      I hope primal helps him recover.
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