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    So, I'm struggling a bit lately, and thought I'd turn to you all to see if you can help a bit.

    I've been primal for over a year now and have done great (down about 50 lbs), but I'll go about 3 months primal with these 2 week complete junk binge cycles where I literally eat anything and everything that I can't eat during my primal time. Everyday I keep telling myself, I'll get back on tomorrow, so I'll just binge today and get restarted. It seems to happen most around the holidays and stuff like that. Now that I'm down to a more normal weight, I'm still trying to finish off the rest of the body fat, so I'll lose a bunch more weight on primal, then put it back on in the 2 week period.

    I don't deprive myself completely during my primal time either, I'm about 95/5 primal during the primal time.

    The good news is, I feel like crap when I'm off primal, so my body is at least telling me I need to change, so that helps.

    Anyone else have this problem and what have you done to combat it?

    Thanks in advance!

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    I guess there could be a couple of things going on here:
    1. You may be eating too few calories leading your body to "food obsess" and binge. Hormonally, it has to do with your lepitin levels which may be out of whack after losing 50lbs.

    2. Another thought is your mindset (please take no offense). Living and eating primally isn't a weight loss program but weight loss is often a result. Try not to focus on the body composition piece but view food choices in terms of health and nourishment. Why would you want to put endless cupcakes (or whatever your poision is) in your body? What's going on there in your head? I know you said you don't deprive yourself, so what is the trigger of the binge? Digging a bit deeper may help you uncover the sources of your troubles.


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      A lot of diet experts recommend actually scheduling a cheat day into your diet to keep you from feeling deprived and obsessing over all the foods you used to enjoy. So I've been having a cheat day on Saturdays while keeping primal the rest of the week. It has really helped to keep me from obsessing over bread, etc. all week because I know I'm not giving it up for good, just giving it up until Sat. And you know, all those cheat foods like chile-cheddar bread from the local bakery don't taste nearly as good as they used to so I feel no need to binge on them anymore. I just enjoy a bit that one day and the next day I look forward to going back to the primal diet. So you might try and see if that works for you.