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What do your young children eat?

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  • What do your young children eat?

    I have a two year old son and I desperately want to make sure he ends up having a healthy relationship with food and doesn't struggle with his weight and health like his father and I have off/on our whole adult lives. Right now, I get to control what he's offered (only he can control what he'll ACTUALLY eat) and I'm giving him mostly primal foods. On days when he goes to preschool (where someone else provides the snack) or when he's at the grandparents, some "junk food" or grains sneak in - but we try to avoid it at home. What do you feed your young kids?

    Today he had:
    1.5 scrambled eggs
    1 piece of bacon
    1 cup milk

    Whole orange

    Lunch (dh chose this because I was gone)
    1/2 apple
    1 slice cheese
    10 almonds

    1/2 chicken breast
    1/3 avocado
    Sliced cucumbers

    Before bed
    12 oz milk

    How does that menu sound (today was really light on veggies)? Any suggestions? Most days he'll eat chicken/veggie soup for lunch. Some days I also offer him raw veggies and a dip (which is usually a homemade salad dressing) while I'm prepping dinner and he'll eat them because he's hungry. I always offer whatever veggies dh and I are eating - sometimes he'll eat them, sometimes he ignores them. He loves ALL meats and eats them in abundance.

    Any suggestions on how to get more veggies in? Which ones?

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    Oh. Wait. You meant HUMAN children?

    I don't have any of those -- but Robb Wolf wrote a great post on kids' paleo nutrition recently:

    Why do you give him dairy milk? IMHO, any human of weaning age no longer needs milk -- let alone that of another species, commercially processed...
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      Hey there...
      My stepson is 8 now and with the exception of his school lunches that he makes, he's more primal than I am!

      His breakfast is typically 3 eggs (pastured when I can afford), either 3 pcs of turkey sausage or 4 - 5 pcs of bacon, a cup of berries/fruit and a big glass of milk. As he's still growing and a very skinny kid, I feed him as much as I can shove down him!

      As I'm the main chef in the house, I don't cook grains/rice any more. So, he usually gets whatever meat I'm making and lots of veggies. If he's still hungry afterwards, there's usually berries and yogurt (full fat) that he loves. I haven't figured out what to do for his lunches in school yet. He takes a lunch from home and it's typically a tuna sandwich or a PB & J.

      He loves fish of all kinds and eats what we eat. So he's doing pretty good.

      Just have to get rid of his sandwiches for lunch.

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