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Powdered Sugar Donuts *sigh*

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  • Powdered Sugar Donuts *sigh*

    I have yet to officially post an intro here, but. I NEED to vent first. *smiles*

    My fiancÚ and I have been primal since mid-November of last year. I have a son who just turned 3 who has always been a picky eater. We have had trouble with him not eating enough since longgg before we turned primal.

    My ex-MIL is a body-builder and actually turned me on to eating "clean" before my SO found Mark's site and got us both hooked. She knows how we eat/live/etc. She even understands what foods are good/bad for you, allbeit in a mostly CW way.

    I go to drop off my son with her for the weekend and she tells him there's a surprise for him. (Granted, I'm thinking a stuffed animal or a new toy truck...) She pulls out a BOX of POWDERED SUGAR DONUTS.


    This stuff isn't considered healthy no matter WHAT your views are.

    I was very calm about it, considering. And said something to the effect of, "Mommy would never let you have those at home - ha ha." Well. That didn't go over well. They grabbed the box out of his hands and said, "We'll give him something BETTER, then." And then as soon as I said goodbye to my son they drove off and barely said a word to me.


    The terrible part is my son was addicted to those frozen waffles. We just got him to consistently eat SoG's waffle recipe in pancake form all week long. I was sooo relieved that he didn't ask for waffles this morning! And, then, all my good work will potentially be undone in a 48 hour stay at Grandma's.

    (As a note: I understand my son's diet is going to consist of 80% bad foods and 20% good foods while away from home, and we more than make up for that the rest of the time. But, really? Donuts?)

    Sorry to explode - lol. But I needed to voice this to people who understand!
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    That would seriously piss me off. I'm not a parent, but if I had a kid and someone went against my wishes like that, I'd be livid. They have no right undermining you like that.


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      my son always talks about going to taco bell, KFC, Big boy, mcdonalds, yadda, when he is staying with my ex. i wont get into the easter basket given to him by ex's dad & gf that was all smarties, candy crabby patties, and fun dip, all of which was put directly into the trash. it really is maddening sometimes because you're trying to keep your freakin' kid healthy and everyone else on the planet wants to ply em with sugar because they think it's cute and funny. you already know that all you can do, really, is do the best you can when they're with you, and pray that something sticks when they're old enough to be on their own.

      so, yeah..i feel you

      fun dip still boggles my mind.

      HANDS OFF MY BACON :: my primal journal


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        I've been where you are and I'm sorry you're there now! Is this behavior/attitude something new for your ex MIL? From what you've posted, the "surprise" of powdered donuts seems like a pretty obvious slap in the face because she knows your son is a picky eater and that you're trying to get him used to healthier fare.

        If he comes back on a sugar high from the visit, you might consider taking her aside later in the week and as non-confrontational as you can be, just ask her 'hey, what gives? You're the one who convinced me to eat healthier and get fit. You seemed to be on board with our decision to go primal and yet you give little Grok a package of donuts? I don't understand!"

        Good luck with it all.


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          that's terrible. It does seem weird that as a body builder and a proponent of good health, she would offer up donuts to your kid. then to get huffy with you about. I would definitely ask her about it since it seems out of character.


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            oh that is SO out of line. If kids grow up not knowing what that crap is, and not regarding it as a 'naughty treat', they don't want it. Ask her if she'd think it's amusing to give her kids a taste of drugs! Argh!!!

            I'm not going to make comments in a public forum about some people close to me but let's say I'm hearin ya loud and clear and wish I'd had the conviction that you do to stop it.