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  • weight-loss plateau

    Not totally nutrition, but perhaps still the best forum to throw this out.

    I need to break a weight plateau--I began somewhere near 300, and I've had a strange (to me) pattern of lose/plateau/lose/plateau with this weight loss, which is fine, except this plateau is hanging around for too long. I'm stuck at 254.

    Actually, now that I look back at the last month, overall weight loss has slowed dramatically--really only 2 pounds in 4 weeks, if I count from the last lowest plateau (and not a bounce up) to this plateau (not including a bounce DOWN for a day last week). It was a little deceiving not looking at the whole curve the right way.

    So--here are some resolutions/guidelines I'm considering--I'm not going to do them all at once, but I may pick several strategic easy ones and one or two big ones:

    No diet soda or artificial sweeteners (I have cut back immensely, but I still cave every couple of days)
    limit nuts to 1 1/2 oz day
    limit dairy to one serving a day
    limit alcohol to only wine (easy), only two at a time (reasonably easy), and only twice a week tops (less easy)
    limit grain-"cheats" to twice a week (these have never been daily, but I've felt them important to include for my sanity and social life--they have included the occasional rye cracker, a spoonful of rice if I go to Indian buffet, a little brown rice at home--working on a big bag I've had for a long, long time--that sort of thing)

    in bed by 10 pm (difficult--I'm generally a night person)
    no radio in the bedroom (difficult--I have trouble falling asleep)
    make my bed!

    stretch every morning (relatively easy)
    walk in the morning 30-45 minutes, 5 days/week (very difficult--I need to leave the house by 645, and I'm usually running late)
    walk in the evening 30-45 minutes OR do a weight routine, 5 nights/week (should be easy, but for some reason it's hard)
    What else, what else???

    Keep my "tiny book" health log again so that I can just flip the pages and see trends more readily again--I don't know why I stopped this.
    I'm considering counting calories, not necessarily to limit them, but for information and accountability.

    This is too long a list to try everything (at least for me)--but which couple big items and which couple little items would you choose as plateau-breakers?

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    I found out from one of the vlc websites if your trying to stay in ketosis that alcohol will basically switch your body from burning fat to burning the alcohol till it has processed the alcohol. I find for me i was doing alot of walking and not really losing much weight but i started doing the gym junkies begginer workout and after a week of doing those workouts i was already able to do a pullup again. i'm short and heavy i'm 5'5" and 225 lbs. but it seems to me that a short intense weight session has more benefits than walking/running. other than that have you been tracking your daily intakes as far as the ratios go? I went a week without tracking then i mentally went back and looked at what i had ate and there was alot more carbs than i had thought without tracking on fitday or something similar.


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      I'm not sure whether I give a hoot about staying in ketosis or not--I'll lose the weight whatever way my body wants to, so long as over the long haul it's trending down. Should I care about ketosis? Comments welcome--I'll have to explore ketosis on my own, too, as I don't completely understand it and why some here find it the holy grail and others elsewhere find it something to avoid.

      Walking seems to be the thing that keeps my blood sugar the lowest and most consistent (I'm diabetic), and it's the thing I most like to do, so I gravitate that direction; adding weights again (I was for a while) feels good, but it seems harder for me to make a habit.

      I'm sort of loathe to do detailed tracking--It works fantastically, until I lose my mind and blow it all at once in a horrid binge-of-binges. There's the teeniest corner of obsession/perfectionism in me that makes over-tracking and over-analyzing a poor long-term strategy. Maybe I could track just calories, or just carbs, or log my food for three days and then analyze after-the-fact or something.


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        I think your ideas are all good, and even sticking to a couple of them should help your weight lost begin to trend down again. I was in a plateau for months, losing only about 4 pounds during several months, and finally figured that I was simply eating too much. Now I try to keep my calories averaging at about 1,500 per day (YMMV) and my fat at about 80% and 5% carbs, the rest protein. Finally began losing again at over 2 pounds a week for the last 3 weeks. Never being hungry! Truly amazing what happens when you're only burning fat for energy, which is what happens when you're deep in ketosis. I found one of the best plans to follow is over in the PaNu blog, which I read regularly. Dr. Kurt Harris: I also found that keeping a journal here on MDA, and entering my intake every day, as definitely kept me accountable. Good luck!