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Milk contains lactose = sugar = carb?

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  • Milk contains lactose = sugar = carb?

    Lactose is dairy sugar right? So does this count as carbs?

    often get cravings for yogurt, and even plain does kinda taste sweet....

    but dairy is allowed in moderation

    any explanations?

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    Yes, dairy has carbs. As listed in the nutritional info of any dairy product.

    It's not a non-carb diet, though many here are not fans of dairy. But not just/specifically because it contains carbs.

    So what's to explain??


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      Not all "dairy" is created equally or extremely detrimental-depending on the source and the amount/type of processing. It's basically a grey area in the neolithic diet.
      If your not sensitive to it, then take a look below at the link for Marks guide about what the best types are for you to consume, and his reasoning behind it all. I see that you like yogurt, get some greek yogurt or kefir! Remember, you can have 50-100 carbs and be on track for the primal blueprint. A serving of dairy every now and then isn't going to ruin your numbers.
      Plus we are talking cow milk right now, I encourage you to look into coconut and almond milk! If your craving some sweetness, those are some non -dairy delicious products.


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        Lactose is a disaccharide of glucose and galactose, and it is only harmful if you lack lactase, the enzyme which breaks lactose down into its constituent subunits. This is where many people have a problem, as they do not have meaningful levels of lactase to break down lactose. If you want to enjoy milk but cant, pop lactase pills; it isn't natural but it wont hurt either. Or try raw milk, which has the lactase enzymes intact unlike pasteurized/homogenized.

        Milk will have more carbs than yogurt, which will have more carbs than cheese, which will have more carbs than ghee. There are varying levels of carb content in milk; do not fear the carbs, even relatively large levels are not going to kill you if you have an undamaged metabolism (just look at the Kitavans!).

        I personally consume dairy in fermented or pre-digested forms; yogurt and kefir; when I want some. Yogurt and berries with cocoa powder is delicious.


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          I'd also like to point out that galactose just gets converted to glucose before metabolism, so it's not problematic like fructose.
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            Very thorough explanations cheers! not too uptight about carb numbers but was interested x

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              i do ok with cream, sour cream(quasi-primal i know), and straind goat cheese
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