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Grass Fed Beef - How often please

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  • Grass Fed Beef - How often please

    I have just ordered a mixed box of Organic Grass Fed Beef from a lovely farm in the wonderful National Park of Exmoor, Devon, England. Rare breed, grass only, all that good stuff... reviews are fantastic

    just wondered how much and how often I should be eating this delicious nutritious meat

    I also like to eat my meat raw sometimes, like in a beef carpaccio or steak tartare (I learnt the habit living in France for a few years), can I eat more of it like that and if I cook it...

    what say the experts please


    Thanks for your attention, I'm quite a newbie here although not to low carbing, raw food and lots of veggies but would appreciate the wisdom of the community

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    I eat it almost every day!


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      because I was planning to have minute steak, organic eggs and grass fed butter for breakfast most days

      and burgers, carpaccio, ribs, roast beef, sirloin steak and whatever else they send for dinner most days

      I'm good to go right - I'm not trying to lose weight, I'm already lean


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        Eat up and enjoy!


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          Originally posted by Paleobird View Post
          Eat up and enjoy!
          kewl thanks


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            Eat it just enough you don't get sick of it and are left wanting more.
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