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Is a longterm Ketogenic Diet healthy?

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    I play it safe by cycling through. I do keto (lots of coconut milk, coconut oil, tallow, bacon, eggs, other meats) for many days (sometimes just a few days, sometimes a week or longer), then hit a pile of fruit, good chocolate, etc. and carb up for a day or two. I try to semi-emulate natural/seasonal food availability. Not very precise, but my body responds well to it. For example, my property is currently carpeted and ornamented with vast sheets of wild edible berries and greens. I'm not going to avoid eating them just for the sake of ketosis, because the awesomeness of those foods is hard to deny - and I'm cheap. So it's likely that for the next few weeks I will eat a lot of berries every day, and cooked greens and wild teas every few days. But after that, when fall hits, more nuts and less berries, then by winter back to almost pure carnivore except for fermented things (kombucha and sauerkraut are my favorites) and, as always chocolate. It's possible to eat more chocolate than you might think and stay in ketosis, especially baker's unsweetened chocolate or raw whole cocoa beans. And between oysters, liver and eggs there's not much missing nutritionally.
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      It depends on how intense your workouts are.
      If you workout with lighter intensity, then yes, you can stay in ketosis forever.
      But if you exercise consistently with high intensity, then you will need carbs.
      For those of you that are thinking, "hey, I exercise intensely, and I'm in ketosis", my answer is: you may think that you exercise with high intensity, but in reality, you don't even come close.


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        I don't exercise intensely - for long. I do like sprints, and body-weight, and some heavy weights here and there. But not for long. I'm not battle-ready. I can walk for 12 hours easily, I can climb a tree easily, and I can outrun almost anybody - but to do something "fitness" like insanity or tough mudder, I'm out.
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          Interesting post on keto/vlc and thyroid:

          The Scribble Pad: Low carb and thyroid: separating the truth from nonsense.
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            I think it's going to depend on how it makes you feel. I tend to eat low carb because my favorite foods originally had legs, wings, or gills, or came from those animals (cheese, yogurt, butter, etc.). That said, if someone offered me a version of eggplant parmesan that didn't have breadcrumbs in it, I'd scarf that puppy up happily. Same thing with healthy mashed potatoes. They just aren't foods I think to buy or make on a regular basis.

            There are some studies that show ill effects from long term keto. However for people who are controlling things like childhood or adult epilepsy (just one example), MS, etc., perhaps the ill effects of long term keto are the lesser of two evils.

            I tend to follow my gut (no pun intended) on issues like this. Especially since nutrition has become a fad, and the next great thing is merely ten years away. There are so many species of animals and plants on the planet that I don't think we were meant to restrict ourselves to just a handful of them for food. Within some fairly non-restrictive parameters, I eat what I want. If something new (or old) makes my clothes tight, or makes me crave unhealthy type over-eating, I'll know soon enough.
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