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Favorite ways to prepare veggies?

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    Kale Chips (save the stalks for a stir-fry or steam them!)

    Steamed (not my fave, but it works!)
    Tossed in a stir-fry (pop some good fat, onions, garlic, mushrooms into a pan, cook for a bit, add some well-sourced meat, kelp/zucchini noodles or cauliflower rice, crunchy veggies, spinach or other leafy greens, stir around a little bit, and serve)
    chopped up and folded into the center of an omelette
    raw - salad or on their own *chomp*


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      Originally posted by Gorbag View Post
      Your mom was right after all about the vegetables Paleobird! So be a nice little girl now, and eat up the large carrot that you have "forgotten" on your plate...
      Mom also thought that brown rice and tofu were good for us. She did the best she could with the knowledge of her time.

      But, to answer the OP non-flippantly. I do eat some veggies but more as a garnish or flavor enhancer to the meat. Examples: caramelized onions and mushrooms in a gorgonzola sauce over my steak yesterday. Oh yum. Bell pepper strips used as a delivery device for my liver pate'. Avocado/tomato fan salad. That is alternating avocado and tomato lengthwise slices laid out in a fan shape on the plate and drizzled with some oil and vinegar.

      I also include a lot of non-plant veggies in my diet. Seaweed (algae) as a salad or in crunchy nori sheets (SeaSnax) and mushrooms (fungi). The more I research about these two types of non plant non animal foods, the more interesting they are.
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        Lately I've been making a green shake with a little raw broccoli, cucumber, spinach and avocado...I'm still experimenting with the combos and I'll also put in 1/2 banana for a little sweetness, whirled up in a NutriBullet.

        I can't eat raw veggies (stomach issue), but this is a way for me to get them in.

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          Salt & Pepper, olive oil, maybe some red pepper flakes and into the oven til' the veggies get a little crispy, delish!


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            Roasting will create a lot of flavor if any of the other methods prove boring. Roasting brussel sprouts is great, they get a ton of flavor and are especially delicious that way. Next thing I want to try is mixing curry seasoning with bacon fat, coating cauliflower and roasting it. Cooking bacon on a rack in the oven (400F 30min or so) will yield a lot of fat for use in coating your vegetables.
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              Most vegetables I eat raw in a salad.

              I do like them grilled as well. Sometimes with olive oil though generally plain.


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                Originally posted by IronGirl View Post
                "roasted, sauteed or grilled"
                This sounds awesome, and I do cook, but I wonder how precisely you do these methods? How much butter or oil, how high a heat, for how long? I have a feeling other newbies would appreciate the info, too!
                this varies wildly.
                for sauteing, i use just enough fat to let the veggies move in the pan and cook on high heat. this is probably the fasted process because they should still be crisp when you're ready to eat them, but still tender enough to eat with a fork. if i want to add some extra fat for flavor, i'll throw in a little butter just a bit before they're ready to come off the heat.

                for grilling, i tend to use even less fat because i don't want too much flame coming up and scorching them. i still cook on pretty high heat there, and brush on a little olive oil just to keep them from sticking to the grill, grill pan, or each other. i keep a pretty good eye on them (unless it's something wrapped in foil, like an onion) to catch that just crisp enough done-ness.

                roasting is the thing that takes some experimentation or looking up cooking times. most veggies can be tossed with oil and seasoning and baked at 350 for 45-60 minutes and come out tasting pretty great. but i prefer broccoli and cauliflower at 425 for 20 minutes, brussells sprouts at 400 for 40, etc.
                roasting is also where i use the most fat, which is party why it tastes so amazing, but i don't really measure. i do like the veggies to be fairly well covered in it though.


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                  Wowza...Thank you!!!
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                    I steam, roast, fry or grill/broil just about anything! Sometimes, particularly for veggies like cabbage, broccoli or cauliflower, I'll start them off on a highish heat in a frying pan with some butter, then add some stock - about a tablespoon (chicken seems to work best) - turn the heat down and simmer until the stock has reduced away to nothing except wonderful flavour and the vegetables are tender. I also like cabbage shredded and fried in butter with wholegrain mustard stirred through - and this also works for Brussels sprouts. Courgettes and leeks slowly sauteed in butter until they virtually melt are a wonderful treat as well, and spinach wilted in olive oil with loads of crushed fresh garlic is delicious as well. Asparagus marinaded in olive oil, black pepper and crushed garlic for a couple of hours then thrown into a hot griddle pan (you can wrap it in bacon or prosciutto first for added "oomph") is heavenly, especially when dipped into soft-boiled eggs ...


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                      Last night I made the most heavenly cabbage. I just shredded it really thin and then sauteed it in a pan with butter. It got sweet and caramelized. I'm not usually a cabbage fan, but this method completely transformed the flavor and had me licking the plate.

                      I also love to roast veggies. My favorite combo is eggplant, mushroom, red pepper, and red onion. I just toss with some olive oil and kosher salt and roast for about an hour. When there are leftovers, I eat them the next morning scrambled up with my eggs.

                      Last month's Food and Wine magazine also had a great recipe: roast halved brussels sprouts and then toss with diced avocado and toasted pecans. That was phenomenal.


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                        Awesome ideas! Thanks.


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                          another idea! Green smoothies !

                          this sounds like a good idea to me when I'm too lazy to take the time to cook; just throw it all in the blender for 2 min and then drink.

                          also, don't forget collard greens with bacon bits, coated in bacon fat - an old and great staple. (can also do kale, etc)
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