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New to Primal - tough time ditching the carbs/sugars

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    Originally posted by JoanieL View Post
    Gosh, I had no idea Cherry Coke was a food. In fact, I just recently learned that I no longer had to fear finding a rat in the bottom of a can of Mountain Dew, because the company claims the rat would be dissolved by the product by the time it got consumed.

    I very much don't feel deprived. But I'm not of the fast food generation. This is more like my childhood. A protein, some veggie, and a starch. You know, back in the days when obesity in this country was about 10% and your beloved Coke came in 7 oz bottles?

    I lived in FL for about seven years. Never went to Disney World. Had been to Disney Land in CA and saw no reason to repeat the experience. It had nothing to do with Primal/Paleo, and everything to do with mind numbing entertainment. Let's see, tickets for a Stevie Wonder concert (with money left over for a really nice dinner) or a day in the hot son with a big stuffed rodent? Tough choice.

    And much like the butter exaggerations made by some, I don't know if most people here are eating big slabs of meat and copious amounts of rabbit food. But then again I'm not living the Cherry Coke dream.
    Why would you fear a rat? Didn't paleolithic humans eat small game that included rats? If anything, Pepsi Co. saved you some hunting trouble.

    The Coke I drink now is only 5oz more, it's ok. My grandparents used to have to force me to eat vegetables, I think you should probably listen to yourself as a kid while making some obvious logical adjustments. I find I'm much happier when I eat all the safe sweet stuff I want rather than pretending I actually like vegetables because of some health halo.

    No idea how you can say this about the happiest place on Earth, but maybe try going with other people? Nothing beats taking a date to Disneyland. Of course, maybe if you're older all the rowdy teens and kids might annoy you or something.

    I'm sure they are.
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      I used to make the best cherry coke. A glass of regular coke with a shot of kirsch. Real cherry.


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        Derp, I think if you saw my fridge/freezer, you'd find I'm no veggie freak. I didn't like greens as a kid, but I do now. Children's taste buds are different from adults. I didn't like eggs or liver as a child either. Fell in love with eggs as a teen, tasted chopped liver as a teen, and that changed. I would feel very limited if I only ate things that tasted good when I was a child - especially since Mom primarily cooked/used about five varieties of animal: pork, beef, chicken, canned salmon, canned tuna. We did have squid at Christmas.

        The way I eat concentrates much more on protein than most people here. But that's just me. I feel no compulsion to tell the keto people they're wrong. No reason to tell the higher carb people (only higher than primal, not higher than CW) that they're wrong. Simply because my way is my way, not everyone's. But Coke pushers, sugar and grain pushers, etc., I mean I don't really care about them until they post in a way that might discourage a newbie looking for help.
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        Who says back fat is a bad thing? Maybe on a hairy guy at the beach, but not on a crab.


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          As a kid I absolutely hated olives; but I had only been exposed to the nasty canned black type. As an adult my friend got some good green olives off of an olive bar at a gourmet grocery store once, and those were fantastic, so I now love olives and can even stand the nasty canned black ones now too.

          For carb cravings, when you get the pang you can put in your mouth a piece of 100% chocolate (Ghirardelli, Premium Baking Bar, Unsweetened Chocolate, 4 oz (113 g) -, suck on that, wait 20 minutes and see if you still feel the need for sugar. This chocolate has no carbs, and is bitter but not so bad you can't eat it straight, and mostly fat. But chocolate has a lot of compounds in it that act as neurotransmitters to stop the sugar craving (Chocolate on the Brain). So it could be able to kill the craving for zero carb input. It's also far healthier than sugarized chocolate products, and the fat may help satisfy also.

          It will also take some time to downregulate your currently overstimulated sugar receptors; lessening sugar, and giving it up even just for a day will help a lot. Going without is really hard but just lessening intake is good. Over time going without will help to curb the cravings, and natural whole foods (like carrots) will start to taste a lot sweeter. If you do need a sweetness fix, I love stevia; it is zero calories and natural, put it in any drinks.
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            Focus on tasty primal foods -- and don't look back

            I don't know if I'm especially flexible, but it was easy for me to go from SAD to vegan cold turkey and then to go low carb/high fat meat primal. I just focus more on the new stuff that I get to eat and don't think about "what I'm giving up."

            I picked up a bunch of nice veggie dishes when I was vegan that I still enjoy today -- ratatouille, green smoothies, dark chocolate, coconut milk kefir, nuts, brussel sprouts, etc.

            Now that I am primal I love soft boiled eggs, lamb curries, bulletproof coffee, butter on everything, hollandaise sauce, liver and onions, etc.


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              Originally posted by candiceena View Post
              My main question is this though: when you first started, how did you overcome the cravings/socialization to eat the grains/carbs/sugars? I truly want to make the transition but it's like, internally, my brain and body are not communicating! I have read so much about primal lifestyles and paleo dieting and the concepts behind it and in my deepest depths of my soul I truly feel that it is what my body needs. I just can't seem to overcome the cravings and desire to eat the grains/sugars. Any advice?
              Are you sure grains/carbs/sugars are all the same to you? I might have said yes before I started giving them up, but as I started weaning myself, it was clear that they were *not* all the same. I loved wheat! If I had a choice between ice cream and cake, I wanted cake. As I pushed myself, I realized that if I had a choice between ice cream and a bread and butter sandwich, bread and butter won. I sometimes want a little something sweet, but one piece of fruit, or a cup of tea with 2tsp honey in it really hits the spot. So many of my binge foods were wheat+sugar that I never really separated them in my mind until I was pretty primal.
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