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    I just recently replaced my old Calphalon cookware with a set of Chef's Classic Stainless Steel from Cuisinart. It's a moderately priced set for stainless and I love it!

    I also regularly use my cast iron skillet and enameled dutch oven (both by Lodge).


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      Scanpan Pro IQ is what your asking for.


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        For the record, I ended up getting a GreenPan ceramic/aluminum skillet. Figuring out all the maintenance details of a cast-iron skillet, puts it on my someday-maybe list...

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          Nonstick causes cancer. I have had my eye on this skillet for awhile now... Lodge Logic L10SK3 12-Inch Pre-Seasoned Skillet: Kitchen & Dining


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            I got a couple of ceramic coated non stick skillets for christmas and I love them.

            The Soft Line Range | GreenLife

            While I prefer cast iron for many things, my family isn't great about using them and cleaning them properly, and they're too heavy for my kids. These are a perfect solution.

            I've read some negative reviews, and none of the problems have ever happened to me. The key (for all cookware) is to preheat the pan, then preheat the oil before adding the food.
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