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  • zoeamy - There was no easing for me and my fiance. Here is my blog entry that has advice I wish I had known before starting intermittent fasting. I feel like the feast day blow outs became less caloric as feast days became less novel.

    My fiance is working on his Ph.D in Geology and seems to prefer frontloading his more academic work on feast days (coding, grading paper, and do more routine tasks on his fast days (just as grinding rocks, responding to emails, cleaning/organizing, grading easier assignments, and data entry). So you might want to try this strategy, especially while your body adapts to fasting.
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    • Originally posted by zoeamy View Post
      My doctor just suggested the 5:2 diet to me, so. I guess I am going to give it a whirl.

      My biggest concern is that a) I am a post grad and being hungry and studying is not great. and b) I do crossfit and pilates pretty much 6 days.


      Do you still exercise on the 2 days?

      Does anyone go nuts and eat everything on sight for the 5 days? I imagine thats how I will feel.

      How did you ease yourself into it?

      Thanks all!
      I work out 6-7 days a week, crossfit 4-5 days a week. When I first started ADF, I was concerned about crossfit as well, but I had no problems. And, yes, I crossfit on DDs. The DDs are actually not the problem because I crossfit in the morning, and I would be well-fed the morning after an UD. It's the UD mornings after DDs that are problematic. So I just eat before going to crossfit. (Normally, I prefer to work out fasted.) I'll have two bananas, or a banana and some other fruit. Or whatever leftovers I have. I always make sure to eat some carbs though.

      I eased into it by eating 500 calories on DDs initially. I gradually decreased my DD calories until I was consistently eating less than 100 calories on DDs. Some DDs were straight fasts (zero calories). Occasionally would still have 500-cal DDs.

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      • Still chugging along. My weight is a little up this week, due to hormones I think. Or maybe cheesecake. Or both.

        And the stress level has been high, due to household appliances breaking left and right around here.

        But I'm feeling good. I touched the 160s for the first time recently after a Down Day, and I am looking forward to doing it again. Maybe not soon, as I am taking Middlest to college this weekend, and I anticipate some emotional eating. But eventually.

        Honey is not having as easy a time of it. He recently told me that he has been snacking on toast on Down Days when I am out of the house. I told him he doesn't need to hide it-- if he wants toast, eat toast. But I think he is beginning to see his excess carb eating as an addiction, not just something he enjoys and could stop anytime. Interesting to see how his thoughts on this are changing. He is (mostly) maintaining his present weight, but is worried about getting back into weight-loss mode once I catch up with him. He likes the 'cheats' too much.

        Yesterday was the first Down Day in a while where I felt VERY hungry. Ate a nice fatty pork chop to deal with it.


        • Originally posted by Sabine View Post
          Honey is not having as easy a time of it. He recently told me that he has been snacking on toast on Down Days when I am out of the house.
          My fiance has definitely been eating Sun Chips and crackers while I am not home---the same man that ate snack mix next to the garbage can to be tossed out like a raccoon. Mind you, we bought none of these things, they were left with me after wedding activities. I am pretty sure the only way he won't eat them if if they are not around. I am not sure if it is an addiction thing or if it because he doesn't like wasting food.

          I am still in maintenance mode. Dropped back down a pound (total -26 lbs). Going to try on the wedding dress again this weekend when my fiance is on his bachelor party camping trip. Hopefully it fits. Otherwise I am going to have to buy a bag of potatoes and just go to town.
          Blogging my weight loss experiment using alternate day fasting here:

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          • I lost another pound in maintenance mode (-27 lbs again)! I have dumped most of the processed food and grains in the house so I haven't been able to eat enough calories without eating beyond my fullness point and cramming down more nuts, seeds, and cheese.

            So no fasting this week. I bought bacon. I may need to buy a couple more avocados.
            Blogging my weight loss experiment using alternate day fasting here:


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            • I know it is frustrating for you, Elkay, but I can't help but be amused at how easy it is to lose a regular pound per week with ADF, even when you don't want to!

              Good luck having your dress fit just as you want it to on the big day, and more importantly, enjoying yourself immensely as you set out on your new adventure!


              • After a lot of toying with my diet and exercise, I think ADF works best for me. I gave this a shot a few weeks ago, and did lose some pounds. However, my thoughts do go to questions regarding maintenance. I have 12 pounds to lose. It's the last of my weight, so it's being stubborn. I do barre 4 times a week, and walk a lot in general. I have been thinking of adding some short sprints.

                How does one cope with the stress of being hungry on the DDs?

                Any tips and suggestions are welcome!


                • Elkay- Congratulations on regaining the weight you wanted to. I had a good laugh when I read how you did it!


                  • I'm still chugging along.

                    Some challenges this past week. I have had some MAJOR stress(mother-in-law visit right after sending Middlest to college). A few episodes of appeasement eating, since although MIL said she was fine with us not eating, that turned out not to work so well in practice. And some plain, oh-man-I'm-going-crazy-let-me-shove-some-food-in-my-mouth eating.

                    But I'm swinging into a REAL Down Day today, with great pleasure. I went to the gym yesterday (! I know! Fourth time in a row! Who'da thunk?) so today's Down Day will have two or three small protein shakes, along with my kombucha and green smoothie.

                    Where did the weight go through all of this?

                    It went UP when I took Middlest to college and had Up Days in a row, and spent too much time eating almond m&ms. Not too surprising.

                    It went DOWN when I got back into my Down Days.

                    It stayed the SAME as I dealt with having to eat dinner(just a little) on Down Days to keep peace, and slurping down yogurt because I was self-soothing.

                    I am happy to be back on track, and I have a new appreciation for the struggles of people who have someone in their lives who pesters them to eat. Oy vey. It's a toughie.

                    I had increased pains through the last days of this. I am sure it is from a combination of stress and poor eating. I am working on both of them. Once I regain some equilibrium, I am thinking of doing a three-day fast, to give my digestion system more of a rest. But I don't want to do that while I am still coming off my stress-jag, as I think that would be MORE stressful, and not restful.

                    Anyone else still at this game? Not Elkay, she's off on her honeymoon. But others?


                    • I am still doing adf. I am just getting back into the routine. I have to admit that I am working on my third fast day in a row. I know it is not the best idea, but I am trying to peel off weight before I go back to school tomorrow. It is working. I have lost 7+ lbs of bloat wt. In the last 2 days. Tomorrow will be a regular UD, then Sat a DD and so on from there.
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                      • I've been doing ADF since August 12, and lost 10lbs. I went from 146lb to 136lb. I also lost 11/2 inches off my waist.

                        I had been stuck at 140 for months, and after relaxing my standards during vacation (daily ice cream !), I got up to 143. Then I had my accident, and went up to 146. The chiropractor and the folks on this board said not to exercise until my back/neck are fully healed.

                        So here I was, gaining weight while back on Primal, and unable to lift. What did i have to lose from trying ADF? On my down days, I have two meals, usually soup with my homemade bone broth and stir fry. I've had occasional desserts made with gelatin, like sweet and sour gummies, and another one with pumpkin and stevia. I didn't like either of them. Either a handful of in season cherries or a small peach are low in calories and actually taste good.

                        I haven't replaced my car, so I'm getting a lot of walking in. There are grocery stores near my job, home and the chiropractor's office, so fortunately, I can pick up groceries at each place without having to haul around heavy bags and aggravate my back.


                        • Hi all! I'm just starting ADF today, with today being my first dd. I have gained quite a bit of weight since last year after suffering an infection of my spine. Between cycling through med after med, and inactivity, the weight piled on pretty quick. I was able to lose 16 lbs by starting to eat primal, but have stalled out over the last month. I really want to lose the rest of this weight!
                          Anyhow, today was tough for me. I had tons to drink, and did eat approx 500cal, but still have a wicked headache. Does anyone else get headaches on dd? Anything I can do to prevent it? Hunger was ok, just this headache! Thanks everyone!


                          • I did get headaches when I first started fasting but they eventually stopped after my body got used to it. What helps is having a couple pieces of fruit - just enough to satisfy you though.


                            • Thanks! I'm going to go grab a banana now.


                              • Don't forget about staying hydrated!