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  • Week 3 Report Even though I do 5:2, I did 3 fast days this week. They were not that hard. I actually enjoy the feeling of not having to think about food. I am doing a W30 this month, so have no weight info for this week. I'm sure you all know what I mean when I say that I "feel" thinner. My emotional state has been very stable since I have upped my carbs on UDs to at least 75. DDs are often lower carb, well lower everything because I only eat dinner.

    Have a great week all!
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    • Hey everyone.
      I'm 24 years old standing at 5'9 and weight is at 94.3 kgs(207lbs). I've measured by bf%, which is 32.5
      I do the p90x program regularly and yet my weight has remained unchanged for the past 3 weeks. Before that it was going at a snail's pace. It has gotten really frustrating. I got the Fast Diet book a couple days back where the 5:2 diet is described. I was thinking whether I should start with adf or the 5:2 diet.

      Are these goals possible:
      To reach 80 kgs(176 lbs) in the next 3-3/2 months with the adf diet? Can someone help me with this? Like coach me or something? I workout for more than an hour everyday and I just see diminishing results. Too frustrated.



      • Also, please give me info on what exercise I should be doing on down days since heavy workouts like the p90x ones might not be advisable(I'm thinking).
        I already started off with my first day. I ate close to 2100 today(Sat). So, I will try my first fast tomorrow(sun).
        I'm capping it at 595 cals by weighing and tracking my intake(almost accurately since I have a kitchen scale)
        About up days: Is there a specific window to eat my non-fasting day foods?


        • AlphaMikeFoxtrot- I think being a young male, you COULD easily drop 30 pounds in 3 months. My suggestion would be to start with ADF. I think it makes it easier to get into Down Day habits than 5:2.

          If you'd like to continue with P90X while doing ADF, I would try using your calories on Down Days as protein shakes an hour before exercising, and two hours after. However, P90X is kind of extreme by primal guidelines. Since you haven't been getting the weightloss from it that you were hoping, why not turn it into an every other day program for a while? You wouldn't be losing anything by it.

          My husband DOES work out on his Down Days, but he has noticed he is not quite as strong. It is just a slight difference, so it doesn't bother him.

          There is no window on your Up Days unless you want there to be one.

          Are you sure you have calculated your Up Day calories correctly? I am a 5'8", 180lb, 49 year-old, sedentary woman, and my Up Day calories are around 2100. You should need more.

          And as a practical note, I have found that having high-protein, or high-fat Down Days is very helpful in keeping your hunger, both mental and physical, under control.

          Good luck! You'll find lots of advice and camaraderie here.


          • My last two Down Days have been under in calories (more like 300, instead of 420) and have included a green smoothie of some type. My weight has really rocketed downward. Perhaps just coincidence, but I thought I would throw it out there. I have dipped into the 170s for the first time in many years!


            • What sort of green smoothie do you drink?


              • " you COULD easily drop 30 pounds in 3 months. "
                You sure, right? I'm glad. My last run with conventional methods was not helping at all.

                "why not turn it into an every other day program for a while?"
                You mean be selective about my workouts? Instead of the 6 days/week plan of the original workout?

                "Are you sure you have calculated your Up Day calories correctly? I am a 5'8", 180lb, 49 year-old, sedentary woman, and my Up Day calories are around 2100. You should need more."
                I calculated on the juddd website and my normal cals come to 3581 and dd calories are 716. 3500 cals is just excessive! I selected the hard exercise option with 20% fat loss mode. I thought the 5:2 diet stated 600 cals(for men) and the other days to be around 2400? So, adf shouldn't be far off. A bit confused.

                Almost done with my first fast day. Just another meal to rack up 580 cals. Not feeling that hungry.
                Today I will be only doing hiit.
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                • AlphaMike Foxtrot-

                  For the workouts, I meant why not just exercise on your Up Days.

                  About the Up Day calories. Part of how the program works, is that by eating the larger amount on your Up Days, your body never gets to the point of gearing down on your metabolism. If you do not eat enough on your Up Days, you are just doing another variation on a low-calorie every day plan, which can negatively impact your metabolism. If you are really doing hard exercise, you NEED those calories.

                  I have been easily eating up to my 2100 Up Day amount, sometimes over, and in the last three months I have gone down 21 pounds.

                  eKatherine- The smoothie I have been trying has cucumber, carrot, celery, tomato, spinach, apple, and Greek yogurt.


                  • So it's been a week and a half since my last dd and I'm now up 4.4 lbs, 208.4. Im Hoping this is just that water weight coming back on that you first lose when you start a new way of eating and its inevitably put back on once you stop Eating that still eating about 60-98 grams of carbs, if i try to go lower it Feels like im not getting enough fruits and veggies in for the day. i did stop counting calories but still enter my food into MFP and find im naturally eating about 1700-1800 cals. I'm 5 weeks and 2 days along and have my first ultrasound on Friday. Iil keep you guys posted!

                    Congrats on reaching a new low Sabine!

                    Alpha~ maybe putting in "hard exercise" is giving you too many cals. recalculate using "little to no excercise "option on the Judd's calc, I always did that with the 20% option even though I excercise 4-5 days a week and that worked out well for me. But Sabine is right, eat all your ud cals!
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                    • Hi all.

                      I have had two up days and two good down days on my restarted ADF. I didn't overeat on my up day at all this time. I feel in control and not hungry.

                      I'm not counting calories on my ud. Its a drag and I hate it ... lol

                      Counting calories triggers obsessiveness with me so if I want to keep my weight in line for the rest of my life I need to find a way of eating that works.

                      I started on Friday at 86.6 kilos and after my second dd this morning I was 84.4. Not bad! !


                      • At the present I am not counting calories on my up days. The first up day back I ate all the meat in the house, but I figured it would take time to get back into this. Yesterday was my second up day, and I was less hungry and more meal-oriented. I feel like, if people doing 5:2 are able to do up days without counting, shouldn't I be able to?

                        I guess the answer will be either "yes" or "yes, but...". We'll see how that works. If it doesn't work out, probably by that time I'll be ready to do some calorie counting. I am, however carefully tracking my down days.


                        • Well, made it through the weekend, worked all weekend gardening and building fence so I got my exersice in. Eat Primal with the exception of some beer..(can't garden in 100 degree heat and not have a cold beer) LOL. But that maybe why when I weighted this morning I was 1.5lbs up in weight. Dang it!


                          • AlphaMikeFoxtrot--regarding your workout question. I crossfit 4-5 times a week and run 3 times a week. When I was starting ADF, I was concerned about crossfitting on down days. I haven't experienced any difficulty. I work out in the morning so the morning after an up day is actually easy. I work out fasted on those days. Then I have a 150-cal protein shake after the workout. Recently, I've cut out the protein shake and haven't died yet.

                            The UD workouts are actually harder for me because those happen the morning after a down day. I've been eating before those workouts even though it's better to work out fasted. I figure that it would be embarrassing to drop dead during crossfit.

                            Edited to add: My point is, there's no need to change your workout schedule because of ADF. Just work out as normal. You'll live. Just make sure you eat enough on up days.

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                            • I don't count my calories on Up Days, except that I have a general awareness of calorie counts, so I know I am not going low. I would consider counting on my Up Days if I stop losing weight, but only as one of a few options, and not even the first one. I know I will not count calories for the rest of my life, so I want to be using a method during weight loss that will morph into maintenance that does not rely on counting calories all the time.

                              I am willing to do it for my Down Days for two reasons. One, it is for a limited time, and it is not every single day. And two, I pretty much eat from the same stable of choices, so I don't have to keep looking things up. Or even keep adding up different totals. If I was going for a lot of variety on my Down Days, and had to keep track of many different foods, I think it would defeat me.


                              • Sabine--what would you try prior to counting on UDs? I hate to count too and don't think it's sustainable long-term, but I recently (as of today) started counting on UDs because I think I stopped losing. I also eat way too much on UDs. I'm pretty sure that I'm going to break 3,000 today. Today, I'm not restricting, just counting to get an idea of how much I normally eat on UDs. I think I'm going to end up at around 3,500 so it's no wonder that I'm not losing anymore.

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