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  • Still here and reading the Primal Blueprint. LOVING bacon and eggs with lots of veggies for breakfast. Weight has gone up a couple of pounds but I am really not stressing about it too much.
    I have been doing sprints and slow cardio at the gym - getting ready to add some weights but I haven't gotten to that point in the book yet so I am not going to push it.
    I have some tummy issues that I am hoping will clear up once I clean up my diet. I am very sensitive to nything with the tiniest bit of spice but I love the taste of it.
    I have not run in 20 years so I was amazed when I could pretty instantly pick up my sprints.

    I am noticing that the euphoria feeling is around more when I pay attention - I honestly feel like I am in love with the world lately. Part of it is having my husband home finally but I really am calm and relaxed and at peace most of the time. I am in the happy position to work afternoons so I can sleep in as late as I want to and wake up when my body tells me to. I eat when I want to and take naps if I need to. Hubby is an independent contractor and sets his own hours so we have lots of leisurely family time together like Grok would have.
    I am really happy over all and feeling fairly healthy - if only I could break the sugar addiction.

    Any help on breaking the sugar addiction? I have a serious problem with it. I can forgo rice and bread and all of that but sugar is a real vice for me


    • I have been fasting somewhat regularly, took a couple days off because I wanted to have full brain function for some job interviews (good choice, since I got a job offer) and some social festivities this weekend. I had been hovering around 145 for awhile then after a night of a couple beers and a burger bun I popped up to 148 in a day. Going to attempt giving up all non-primal foods for Lent. We'll see how that goes.

      labgirl - I have a sugar addiction too, I have yet to figure out how to break it. I cannot keep bread in the house or I know I'll get into it. It's like taking an alcoholic to a bar.
      Blogging my weight loss experiment using alternate day fasting here:

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      • Congrats on the job offer! That is fabulous.


        • A little about me: F/5'3"/trying to get to 125lbs through Keto and ADF.

          I started ADF two days ago on March 6th with that day being my eat day. Today, is another eat day and I have been craving old bay chicken wings. However, they are really high in calories and I want to eat a bunch so I was planning on using my calorie allotment for the wings. Therefore, I will technically be fasting until dinner, when we order the wings. Has anyone else done this? It seems to basically be IF plus ADF. Hope my post makes sense. I'm new to the community!


          • Welcome sug98765! I frequently combine IF & ADF on fast days and will sometimes do both on feast days (assuming I am not doing a social brunch or something similar). I rarely eat breakfast anymore and have a late lunch (2-3pm) and then dinner. So I normally get at least a 18 hr fast.

            I have been going between 145.2-145.5 for what seems like forever now. I am starting to think without significant efforts to exercise, that my goal of 138 is not going to happen. I guess diet getting me 83% of the way alone isn't shabby though.

            I got back a totally healthy lipid panel result after going to the doctor. The results reinforce me no longer believing that non-hydrogenated fats or cholesterol have anything to do with heart disease/poor health and that all those grains and sugar were wrecking my body. I have been purposefully trying to eat a larger portion of fats in my diet and have been eating a lot of eggs.
            Blogging my weight loss experiment using alternate day fasting here:


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            • Originally posted by elkay7 View Post
              I have been going between 145.2-145.5 for what seems like forever now.
              I know that feeling! But congrats on the weight loss! I cannot get past 148.2. It is truly discouraging. I was hoping I would see some sort of downward trend with ADF but it seems I dropped from 150.8 to 148.2 and have just stayed there. I believe I may be eating too little on my eat days. I basically did a bunch of calculations to figure out how much I would need to eat in order to lose 2 lbs per week. I think I may just eat close to my TDEE today since it is a feast day and see what that does. Any advice? Thanks so much!


              • Hey guys, so I had my baby 6 weeks agoimage.jpg

                Here my little Lorenzo, he's colicky and let's me get no sleep but I love him to pieces!

                So I made it up to a whopping 245lbs at the end of my pregnancy, that's a 41 lb gain from the 204 lbs I had gotten down to while on ADF. After having him I've only lost about 17lbs, 228 lbs,leaving me up 24lbs still. Basically it brought me right back to where I was before I started ADF, so back to the drawing board, sigh.

                So pretty much within a week of having him I started to be strict primal again( I had gotten laxed at the end of my pregnancy) and for the last month saw very little progress, lost 3 lbs and it fluctuates. I'll admit that I haven't been watching my carbs and still was eating rice which could be why I'm not losing. But I've never seen much success being primal without doing it in conjunction with ADF. So I desperately want to start but I'm nursing and I'm scared that having down days will effect my milk production. I've tried to search online to see if anyone has done it while breast feeding with no luck,Part of me wants to just go for it and be the guinea pig but if it did decrease my supply I'd be in trouble.

                Idk what do you guys think? Should I just try to be strict primal and watch my carbs first, or jump back into ADF?
                High weight: 263.8 lbs
                Primal start weight 1/26/13: 233 lbs
                ADF start weight 10/12/15 : 188.2lbs
                Current weight: 177.6 lbs
                Goal: 145 lbs


                • What a cutie. He looks like he's thinking some serious thoughts. Congratulations, I'm very happy for you.

                  I wouldn't think about ADF OR weight loss so soon after delivering. I would have concerns about milk production too. I know the weight issue is important to you, but really, for these first 6-9 months, I would not restrict at all. You are still growing a baby, you know, just outside of you, not in. Paleo or primal, yes, but with plenty of carbs. If you want to do ADF for non-weight benefits, maybe switching between 1,000K and 3,000K days would be a good thing to try.


                  • I am still alive.

                    First off, Congrats V!!! He is a cutie with an impressive amount of hair. (I was a bald baby for over 6 months apparently.) I'd also be nervous about doing ADF while nursing, but primal seems like the way to go. I know my period will lighten a bit on DDs, it doesn't stop, but clearly my body is aware using calories on that is not a priority while fasting.

                    I have been holding around 145-150 lately. That means I have been down about 30 lbs and kept it off since last year when I started ADF and eating more primal.

                    I am loving my new job and the people I work it. It turns out three of my co-workers are already on versions of keto diets with intermittent fasting, including two of my direct supervisors. My old boss/friend at the building is also starting 5:2 and I have lent her some literature. We are going to start going in on ordering bulk grass-fed free range beef together so it is cheaper (about $5-$6/lb that way). I think I am going to start an employee support group at work too given the amount of birthday cakes and doughnuts that are always around.

                    I just also just got my copy of Every-Other-Day Diet by Dr. Krista Varady but I am still not done with Good Calorie, Bad Calories.
                    Blogging my weight loss experiment using alternate day fasting here:


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                    • Hello, I am new to this but, wanted to give it a try. I run in the morning 3x a week and I do p90x 6x a week I didn't know if this diet would be safe to still exercise on fasting days. The website says I need 3000kcals on up days and 600 on down days but up days seem really high to me I normally eat around 1500-2000 kals a day


                      • Originally posted by greatbig View Post
                        Hi, I just wanted to mention how hard it is to fast while working in a kitchen(im a cook)
                        It is REALLY FCUK*NG HARD to ignore that toffee/chocolate and ganache cake when I walk near it. Although its only been 20ish days since I turned paleo and its less and less hard to ignore such things.

                        Thank you for letting me share my complaint
                        I recognize this and what labgirl writes, it is tough to kick the sugar habit. I have always liked sugar more than anyone I know. Still haven't eaten too much of it though, but it requires discipline, more than for people around me.

                        One thing that helps me is to drink lots of tea. And also eating carrots. (There is sugar in carrots apparently, but not so much.) To a degree the sugar thing is just to have something, anything, that is quick to consume.

                        I am doing intermittent fasting since a few months back though, so I can't eat things whenever I want anymore. Fasting works fine. As research shows, it decreases your hunger, and makes you lose weight even if you would eat the same amount of calories as before - because it makes you more insulin sensitive. With all the other benefits, it is great. Those who have a tough time sticking to it, hang in there!

                        Doctor Krista Varady, who has researched fasting for a decade, recommends drinking hot beverages as it makes the stomach believe it has had a hot meal.


                        • I take bcaa and l carnitine.
                          I think they help with hunger

                          I don't to Ad yet.

                          I am doing 18/6 and 20/4

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                          • I am still here but not doing well. I gave up soda - regular and diet - for Lent and it was HARD. I haven't started drinking it again though and I am quite pleased with myself.
                            I have gained back a bunch of weight since my husband has been home and just got back on the plan somewhat this week - fasted Monday, wed and fri. I lost 3 lbs this week and I am back at 196.6 - 11 lbs up from my lowest weight.
                            Hubby loves to feed me and it is hard to turn it down but I made it clear this week that I am serious about my clothes fitting and getting back to the gym. I had another asthmas attack this week - lasted 4 days. Haven't had one since Thanksgiving when I first started ADF. Another reason to get back on the plan. No asthma while fasting. I got my little moleskin notebook and took measurements and weights and I added My Fitness Pal to my phone and I will start to post here again.
                            I am amazed by how easy it is to fall off the wagon and go back to crappy habits like laziness and overeating and SUGAR!

                            ETA - I took pictures to go along with my measurements and weight for my journal because I know that the mirror can lie to me.
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                            • Hello! I'm joining in on ADF. I literally just started a few days ago so I am trying to find what works for me. I've eaten primal ly for years but I sort of fell into bad habits (boozing it up; eating regular pizza...) and I'm trying to get back into the habit of being healthy.

                              Background: I work onboard amtr@k trains (in the cafe) so my schedule is pretty messed up in terms of eating and sleeping. I work three days and get two off, so I work a 5 day week instead of a traditional 7. My first day is literally an 18 hour work day with a 2 hour break if it's on time. The 2nd and 3rd days are 8 hour days.

                              I'm trying to modify the ADF so I can do the same thing each day of my 5 day cycle, so fasting won't necessarily be every other day.

                              Day 1 (18 hour day) up, mostly grazing since I can't sit down to an uninterrupted meal. I usually nap on my layover. Could potentially be a fast day depending on business factor (when busy I don't have time to eat).
                              Day 2 dd eat 500 calories around noon before work
                              Day 3 up
                              Day 4 dd (day off work) eat 500 calories around noon
                              Day 5 up (day off work)

                              Right now I'm on my day 2. I started getting the rumblings -- and my period -- so I had a few almonds and a small square of beef jerky. It doesn't help that I sell all the junk food in the cafe lmao

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                              • Interesting
                                I do 5:2 too
                                And 20/4 most days

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