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GT Xpress 101 . . . need ideas

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  • GT Xpress 101 . . . need ideas

    I had no idea where to post this but I've met some nice people here so I'll dump on you . . . or re-post it wherever you suggest. I bought a GT Xpress 101 countertop grill, it's what they call it, not quite accurate, at a thrift store for $6. I do a lot of my eating at work but I only have a microwave. I thought, in some way, this could be useful. I'd post a picture, but I don't know how. When you lift the lid there are 2 half-moon shaped wells, non-stick, inside. If you want to see more pics than you need, Google GT Xpress 101 open image. Do any of you have any clever, easy ideas how I could make use of it at work? There is a small refrigerator as well as the microwave. Simply said (too late for that, I know) the preparations can't be too elaborate.