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  • Cheese in Omellette

    Do I need to be watching the amount of cheese I use or can I use cheese pretty liberally? I've never had a problem with lactose...I'm just talking about in regards to weight loss. I noticed there's only like 1 carb in 1/4 of a cup of what's the story on it?


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    I love cheese on my omelets as well and I don't seem to have any kind of intolerance at all. Milk and cheese tend to make it harder to loose weight though. So, if you're trying to lose weight still, then you might want to cut out the cheese. If you good with your current weight or you are still losing while eating it then keep it up. Personally, I've cut out milk entirely and reduced my cheese intake down to a minimal level.


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      Milk itself was designed with having babies gaining weight quickly in mind. So, I don't think you can judge it's effect on weight loss by its carb content alone.


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        I'm on the edge of giving up dairy in an attempt to clear up my skin and continue with weight loss... Last week was pretty dairy heavy for me and I think it is causing some ill effects. I've seen advice on here before that recommends cutting it out for a few weeks, seeing how you feel, then trying to reintroduce it. It could be affecting you similar to the way grains did and you'd never know it until you put it down for a little while.

        That said, since I started PB almost a year ago, I've dropped 80 lbs, put on some muscle, and am the thinnest / leanest I've ever been... ever... and have been eating dairy the whole time. I do have a little ways to go, and I think I might be at the point now where letting go of dairy will tip the scales.


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          The key to a great omelette is to cook it using the Julia Child and just enough cheese to satisfy, probably less than you think and not enough to cause problems I would think, go for it.
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            I keep my cheese quanity to about 2 oz daily on average.


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              You know? Normally, I would want cheese in my eggs... but I just cook them in bacon fat, and they are so tasty they don't need anything other than a dash of pepper.

              I don't do much dairy... other than yogurt, and cream... as I don't like the taste of milk... its an EASY skip! If you're breaking out... dairy is a common culprit...