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Newly paleo and constipated.

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    After I went lowcarb, my lifelong 3x day BM's disappeared, leaving me with horrendous elimination issues. Suffice it to say, I almost ended up in hospital with acute (as opposed to ugly ;-)) diverticulitis. Eventually I landed on magnesium citrate, 3-400 mg per day, assorted vitamins including high dose B vitamins, and backing off most cheeses to handle it. I never realized how much grains and dairy affected me, making me celiac. Now, for my digestive health, I've added in homemade fermented veggies and some kombucha. Even so, I am always aware when I over consume cheeses


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      Vitamin C helps every now and then. I take up to 8000mg grams a day sometimes to ward off colds, but they seem to have that loosening effect on me too.


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        Agree. Anything over 2000mg (2 grams) of unbuffered Vita C gives me digestive troubles and the urgencies. However, buffered Vit C doesn't have the same effect, nor does Lipo C in large amounts.


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          When I started paleo my bowel movements DEFINITELY became less frequent, and at first that really bothered me. Like, a lot. I think the 'shock' my intestines got from eliminating all grains at once probably had something to do with it, and so I told myself that things would need to have time to adjust themselves. I think it's unfortunate that we all have this idea that we MUST go to the bathroom once a day, and if we don't then something is wrong (I'm talking about number 2; hopefully we all take a number 1 more than once a day!) I began adding butter to lots of things, and supplementing with about 2 tablespoons of coconut oil per day and I immediately saw improvement in both the consistency and frequency of my movements. So my advice to you is this - don't stress over it. It will happen when it needs to, but do try adding more good fats to your diet (you have to anyway in order to make up for the lack of carbs you will likely be experiencing).
          A couple supplements I also recommend:
          1.) Magnesium citrate Natural Calm 16 oz Original Flavor: Health & Personal Care
          2.) Iodine supplement
          3.) Vitamin C, as already mentioned.

          Best of luck (if you are still having trouble)