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Juice Diets and Stomach acid dilution?

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  • Juice Diets and Stomach acid dilution?

    I was wondering about this and the whole fluid intake with meals, although I couldn't find anything specific in regards to the Juicing question, there's quite a bit of discussion on fluid intake with meals, links posted at bottom.

    The general consensus seems to be that if you have a healthy robust GI tract, then drinking a bit of fluid/water with meals is not really too much of an issue, but if not then the excess fluids may well aggravate the problem.

    My consideration was with juicing specifically, so here are some of the potential problems:
    1/ Rapid gastric emptying - as there is little chewing time involved there are minimal salivary enzymes mixed with the juice and then there is minimal contact time for the acid digestive processes to work, Juicing just does mechanical breakdown, this would suggest there may be many complex molecules passing into the small intestine that may cause problems. Soups etc are a bit different because the cooking process performs many similar functions to stomach acid, so there would not be as many problems and soup is more often consumed much slower so there is more time for enzymes to be mixed and excreted.
    2/Stomach acid dilution - lowering the available acid for digestive processes means only partial digestion, particularly the peptide enzymes which perform much more effectively in the higher ph range and we know complex proteins are very stubborn so require more time at higher ph for to be adequately broken down.

    There's more, but I'm running late, gotta go, but looking forward to discussion.

    Drinking liquids while eating,does it dilute the digestive acids if so how long should you wait before dr
    not drinking enough fluid with meals?? -
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    Hypochlorhydria (Low Stomach Acid) - NDHealthFacts - Health Facts
    Hypochlorhydria: 3 Common Signs of Low Stomach Acid
    Acid Reflux: A Red Flag - Weston A Price Foundation
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    Well first i think fresh squeezed juice does not need much stomach acid to he digested since fruit and vegetables usually come with their own enzymes. Second i dont think you should drink any liquids fast so just like soup, you should sip juice and mix it well with saliva.

    As for drinking with meals, it depends on what you are eating but i wouldnt recommend drinking lots of fluids directly before and during a big meal, especially a protein heavy meal. I have heard deinking some fluids about a half hour before a meal does help with digestion but i dont know why this is.


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      Gastric HCl is controled by the endocrine and nervous system.

      Proteins in the stomach stimulate G-cells to produce gastrin. Vagal nerve stimulation (Acetylcholine)--------> both gastrin and vagal stimulation cause enterochromaffin-like cells in stomach to secrete histamine -------> histamine causes parietal cells to secrete HCl.

      In fact there is a stomach acid test where you drink baking soda as a "challenge". Hypochlorhydria is indicated if it takes longer than 20 munites to reacidify to a PH level of 1-2. Thats drinking baking soda. I would assume water or juice to hardly phase ya.

      Edit: Yes I consulted my notes to make sure I got the names of stuff right
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        Lat night we watched the documentary "Fat, sick, and Dead". It was about two really obese men. One weighed 380 and the other 486 and could hardly walk. They were under the care of a doctor (not an MD) but had all their numbers tested at the beginning and every 3 months.

        They went on a greens and roots and fruit juicing diet for 6 - 9 months and lost all their excess weight, felt good, and were healthy. They also exercised. It didn't say what kind of diet they followed aftereward.

        I'm not sure what one would deduce from this. 1) You can loose weight fast on a juice diet. 2) When with doctors care it's healthy.

        "Fiber Menace" says at length that juicing is not recommended because it reduces the time the food is in the colon. And the colon is the place where most of the nutrient digestion and extraction is done. If it goes through too fast or is too 'washed' with water you can't get the nutrient benefit into your body.

        He does state that if you want to reduce your appetite, drink water about 1/2 to1 hour before a meal.
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