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Tell me something good about white rice.

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    I eat white rice as my main starch. For me it is very easy to digest as expected and does not add bodyfat to my frame or give me insulin-related health problems. I was pre-diabetic but no longer consider myself as I can eat pretty bad for a day or 2 and not get sick. The 3rd day on the other hand I find myself getting the usual symptoms, mainly sleep issues and lack of daytime energy.

    Yes, white rice has very little in the way of micronutrients but we are not eating starches to get mircos. Assuming we are following the standard paleo/primal protocols we should be getting more mircos than we could need from vegetbales and animlal based fatty/protein sources. We eat starch to replenish the glucose we use while training. For sedentary people trying to lose weight I recommend no starch but for my clients, who are all active, I recommend the standard from PHD, any form of rice and/or potatoes. People will chose the form they like the best by taste but usually the starches that taste good digest well for them. I personally eat very little potatoes and lean heavily on white rice. By heavily I mean 400-600 calories a day 4-5 days a week. ( I also get about 200 calories or carbs a day from above-ground veges). I usually eat 1-2 days very low carb with possibly no starch and 1 day semi-cheat day. Keep in mind that I am very lean or else I would eat less starch. I also do IF.