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UK dwellers: what brand of coconut oil do you use?

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  • UK dwellers: what brand of coconut oil do you use?

    Hey again fellow islanders

    My five litres of refined coconut oil that I bought in India has just run out so I'm in the market for a new one.

    What coconut oil do you guys use? The only ones I've seen so far are marketed as "organic, extra virgin", or "pure". I've read that refined is better, but I can't seem to find any.
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    I use the organic, extra virgin oils for eating, and KTC brand refined oil for skin and hair. I get it off eBay for not too much outlay!


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      I use Redwood Organic Coconut Oil for both eating and skincare, and I buy it from amazon.


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        We use ktc coconut oil from the world foods aisle in Tesco.


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          Groovy foods coconut oil from sainsbury


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            Coconoil is excellent. They are an online company and deliver really quickly. They have an offer on til the 28th if you feel like stocking up. Use it all the time for cooking and bullet-proof tea.

            Have just realised this makes me sound like I work for them! Promise I don't, I just find the oil better than the more expensive one I got from Whole Foods.
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              I use coconoil, we get it from suma wholesale it's their cheapest extra virgin stuff, its great but not quite as tasty for eating straight up as the good oil brand we've had from sainsburys, but about 1/3 the price.
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                is the ktc brand not good for eating? we cook with it and can't really notice the taste.
                any UK people get their meat from a company called Athleat?


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                  I get ours from (along with our coconut flour). Cheaper than Tesco/Sainsburys and bulk discounts. I prefer the taste too.