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Any good Nutrition counters out there?

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  • Any good Nutrition counters out there?

    Hello! Sorry if this has already been answered in another thread, I looked and could only find one which was of no help.

    I'm looking for a system where I can enter what I'm eating and it tracks the breakdown of the food/meal, e.g. nutrients, protein etc.

    I've tried FitDay and Livestrong already and neither seem to manage what I need.

    Fitday seems way too limiting in food selections. e.g. I have a smoothie for breakfast. I can search and specify "I eat a fruit smoothie" but it doesn't let me specify what is put in that smoothie unless I already know its nutritional breakdown, which I don't, as that's why I want to use the website! This is before I even go into more detailed paleo meals such as Thai Chicken curry etc

    Livestrong just seemed to count calories which is of no interest to me.

    If you've got any recommendations of what I could try that would be great.

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    If you don't know what went into the smoothie you drink, how would some random website be able to guess it for you? Did you make it yourself or did somebody hand it to you?


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      You can try MyFitnessPal. Their database seems to have a lot of commercial stuff already entered and you can also enter your own recipes and/or meals.

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        Originally posted by eKatherine View Post
        If you don't know what went into the smoothie you drink, how would some random website be able to guess it for you? Did you make it yourself or did somebody hand it to you?
        Sorry I think you misunderstood what I said... I know my ingredients but I don't know the nutritional value for each ingredient: so I know my 1litre of smoothie contained 500g of greek yoghurt, 3 bananas, 1 punnet of blueberries and 200ml of water.... I have no idea the nutrients of each 250ml serving of this smoothie. That's what I want an app/website/service for, for all the recipes i commonly eat


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          I like cronometer: CRON-O-Meter: Track nutrition & count calories

          You can create your own recipes and then when you
          enter your smoothie, you can put in how many
          grams you drank of it (grams = ml) and it will figure
          out the cals for you.

          But first you have to "create new food" with all the ingredients
          -for- your smoothie.

          Lemme know if I'm not making sense.... or if you need any help.

          I like cronometer cuz there's no fluff, just calories, macro breakdown and
          all the vitamins and minerals you could dream of, right there for every food.



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            I use Nutricalc Plus from McGraw Hill. There is a like a $20 fee per year but its totally customizable and I put in my own ingredients for my recipes and it can track all my needs as well as for my clients. It is used by a lot of nutrition professionals.
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              I like cronometer.
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                If you're not accustomed to measuring your food, you will need to get a diet scale and some measuring cups.


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                  My Tracking, calorie counter, nutrition tracking, nutritional information –

                  Here's an example for Wild Atlantic Salmon



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                    But somewhere is a real nutrition tracker for micro as well as macro nutrients. I've been hunting for it unsuccessfully. A month ago someone was recommending it often and I failed to note it.
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                      Thanks InSearchOfAbs and amber_maiden, that's exactly what I was looking for! Perfect Now to find out the inevitable truth I'm missing some crucial nutrient or vitaman Thanks!


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                        I believe that fitday is the best caloric tracking software out there because you can create your custom meals inside the desktop version. You can check out my review: Fitday Software Review
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                          I use MyFitnessPal, and it does the job.

                          However, these tools are ridiculous in that they show you vs US public nutrition policy goals.

                          Example: my daily/weekly stats are compared vs these goals, (assumes I bike for 30 min):
                          * 2400 calories. Okay, nothing wrong with that calculation.
                          * 55% carbs / 350g of carbs recommended!!! Woh there, by following this "healthy American diet" you will absolutely get obese or spend all day on the treadmill. And then you will get hurt, and then get obese anyhow.
                          * 30% fat. That's on the low end of what all the primitive tribes studied ate. Many people will blindly follow this and end up with fat-soluable deficiencies. Also the saturated fat goal is absurdly low, I get 4x the US recommendation some days.
                          * 15% protein. That's a bit on the low side if you ask me.
                          * Cholesterol. This one is set at 300mg for me, basically if I eat an egg it says I'm over. [facepalm]
                          * 50g sugar!!! The amount of sugar a paleolithic would get would be about 15g from eating some carrots or cucumber. Again, this goal is disgusting. People are taking control of their health and downloading an app...and that app recommends them 50g of sugar!!!?
                          * Calcium goal: Not sure if I've ever hit this target, it is a made up goal that assumes you drink a bunch of milk. Paleo foods mostly put you around 30-50% of the US target in my experience.
                          * Potassium 3500mg. I have no idea where this goal comes from, never once on paleo have I hit this goal. Isn't that like seven bananas??? WTF.
                          * Vit A, C: I regularly get 500-1200% of the US target here eating meat and vegi and a rare sweet potato. Which just shows how screwed up the US targets are.

                          These targets should be set based on what a human naturally gets eating foods found in nature.

                          Not some made up "goals" which have no basis in nature and have been proven not to work. It's really a crime against humanity. You know most people just follow these goals mindlessly then wonder why it doesn't work.

                          Okay my rant here is concluded. Just be aware your numbers will be all over the place vs the goals. Mine are almost all the exact opposite of the US recommendations in every category except total calories and salt intake.

                          Mark, you should make an iPhone Paleo Nutrition Calculator! I'd pay $5.


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                            I was able to change the preset goals in MyFitnessPal. It's not easy to find but it let me select my own percentages for fat/protein/carbs once I found it. I haven't tried to adjust any of the other stuff...I'm tracking fat/protein/carbs/calories and potassium and sodium.

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