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Reaction to Ghee...warning TMI

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  • Reaction to Ghee...warning TMI

    I've been dairy free for about 2 years not after noticing that it was causing severe bloating, gas, pain and constipation. Now anytime I have any contact with a dairy product it causes an inflammation response of sorts in my intestinal tract. I feel swollen from my stomach right to my behind and instantly (likely a result of the inflammation) get backed up. I wasn't sure if it is the casein or lactose or both I'm reacting too but either way, have been avoiding dairy in all forms. Recently, I've been doing lots of research on the benefits of grassfed ghee. From what I've read, folks with intolerance's to casein and lactose can eat it. Well, I tried 1tbs a week and a half ago and have been suffering ever since. Same reaction above...what gives? Thoughts? I'm pretty sad that my body won't tolerate it because it was delicious!

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    As far as I know raw milk should not have the same interaction with your body, i know of 5 people.. including myself, that are not able to drink the normal milk they sell in markets but are able to drink and digest raw unpastourized milk with ease.
    Consider trying that option as well :P



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      I get an inflammation response from cooked casein, the more cooked, the more inflammation. Lactose only gives me intestinal bloating and gas.


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        Ghee isn't perfectly filtered. There's no way you can guarantee that all the milk fats have been removed. Best to avoid it altogether if you're that sensitive!
        Depression Lies


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          I have no problem avoiding dairy, just curious about the reaction. Raw dairy as well as goat causes the same response. Ah well, too bad !