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  • Leptin Reset plan

    hey all,i am new here and today,i started leptin reset today : ) i am 23 year old,63,about 200 lbs.
    I just wanted to ask wheter i am doing this right,and i would also like to keep track of my progress here time to time.
    My plan will look like this :
    8:30 wake up
    8:50 - 5 eggs,120g chicken breasts,25g coconut oil,vegetables,vitamins and such. Its about 70g protein,60 fat,827kca k ( i am little bit used to counting : ) )
    14:00 -Meat and coconut oil + vegetable(not sure yet,but it will be about 60g protein,50g fat,690 kcal )
    19:00 - Meat and coconut oil + vegetable : ) ( same as above,but about 45g protein,35g fat,495kcal)
    0:00 +- sleeping
    in total its about 175g protein,and 145 fat,2015 kcal +-.

    I am really looking forward to leptin reset,as i was always used to eat carbs in dieting/bulking.Paelo and leptin reset is new experience for me : )
    I would be really glad for telling me if i did any mistakes in this plan,as i am a little bit of perfectionist and i can always rewrite it.And sorry if my english sucks,i am not native speaker : )

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    Welcome on board,
    Your english is fine, but I can't really advise you on the leptin reset though, not something I have bothered pursuing.

    Why do you think you need to do a Leptin reset?
    As far as I'm aware, it's more of a hypothesis than proven fact.
    Have you actually had your Fasting Leptin tested to know whether you have a problem or not?
    "There are no short cuts to enlightenment, the journey is the destination, you have to walk this path alone"