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  • Drinking Water / Storage Inquiry

    So I'm one of those "if you can get it from earth why the hell would you get it from somewhere else" people. I've been drinking water out of the tap for years because I lived way out in the boonies and drew the water from the waterfall next to my house. Sadly now that I've moved to this new house, the tap water is city water. I'm still don't 100% buy into this "too much contamination from medicines, flouride, etc. etc." but I can say the water does not taste like what I've been drinking at my old place.

    Anyway, I do fancy the FindASpring website, but unfortunately the closest access points I've been able to find thus far are an hour out. If I were to constantly venture to these sites and they remained distant, does anyone have any good recommendations on larger containers that don't bleed bad stuffs I can fill up and pack my car with so I'm not driving a billion miles a week/month to refill clean water.

    Moreso, can anyone offer me any ideas on what other options I might be able to seek out?



    P.S. If anyone knows how to geographically shift chunks of Earth so I can get a fresh spring by me that would work too :P

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      Glass containers would be the most optimal, but they can get kind of heavy when filled with lots of water and are prone to breaking (for obvious reasons)...

      You can get BPA-free plastic containers if you know where to go... Or just order 'em online.
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        Old Stainless steel beer kegs if you can find them or get a couple made up for the purpose.
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          Thanks! Any thoughts on the actual water?


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            I refill my glass S. Pellegrino bottles. Also I boil my water coming out of the tap because paranoia of the bacteria.
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              Good stuff! Keep it coming ~


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                The FindASpring site actually mentions using glass carboys for water storage:

                I think I read somewhere that people also sell them on Craigslist.


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                  Originally posted by CxHealth View Post
                  P.S. If anyone knows how to geographically shift chunks of Earth so I can get a fresh spring by me that would work too :P
                  We had an artezic well drilled on our land. About 30 m deep, only at the beginning the pressure was strong enough to get the water out of the hole by itself, now we use electric pump. The geologists who made the well said that there is enough water for home use + swimming pool, but not for industrial use (like water business - selling it to shops).


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                    That's fantastic Seal. Unfortunately my bank account doesn't rival my sense of humor hehe :P


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                      We're currently buying a water filter. There are no springs around here. I wish. And it's against the law to dig a well, anyway the ground water's no good.

                      I have thought of building a cement tank for rain and flood storage. All the original Spanish had one.
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                        I used to always have to put a little lemon in tap water to keep it from giving me heartburn. (My mom got heartburn from water also.) The Brita Filter has let me drink just plain water again. And there's another brand that claims it's even more filtery than Brita. I think it's PUR. Might be good back-up for when you can't get out to gather water.
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                          I use a Brita pitcher. It's cheap, other than having to replace the filter every 3-6 months, depending. And the nasty city tap water tastes drinkable with it.


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                            Thanks for all the info guys! Good to get some different angles to try.


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                              Good, bad - I dont know but we have an RO system for our drinking/cooking water, and we have well water otherwise. DH was born with one kidney so he likes RO water, and honestly, I have never researched it.
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