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    If you're that concerned, you can get an whole house filter, an under-the-sink filtration system to filter just the kitchen tap, or you can just use a Brita pitcher. Or just buy bottled water by the 5-gallon.

    If you want containers to haul and store water from a well, look on prepper and emergency storage websites like Shelf Reliance or Emergency Essentials. They have tons of products and tips.
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      You best bet would be to travel to the nearest spring. Gallon glass jugs or some carboys used for wine making would work well. After that you should look into a home distiller or RO filter. They can be had for under $400 and IMO they are worth it. I would never drink standard tap water simply because of the amount of flouride, chlorine and endocrine disrupters. Not to mention the heavy metals that might be from the source to your house.


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        a whole house, point-of entry system would be a decent idea. or going to a RO system. either option is pricy though