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Why I love calorie counting!

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    Originally posted by LauraSB View Post
    Except that I did have a target in mind.
    From your scatter diagram it looked like you were eating ad libitum. However you did it--good job! I can't wait to see your weight drop chart next year and 5 years from now! I hope you keep up at least that part of it long term.

    I have a chart that I've kept for almost 3 years now, weighing every Friday, My first year looks like yours, dropped 45 pounds, then second year was spent losing 10 pounds, 8 months or so into 3rd year is almost a flat line.


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      Originally posted by Omni View Post
      I was not aware that CICO came with qualifiers or confounding variables, if this is the case then this makes CICO completely irrelevant to real world experiences.
      How can we possibly apply CICO at distance to an individuals end result without a full medical examination, a raft of testing and a metabolic ward?
      CICO holds true 100% of the time. It's the methodologies of trying to calculate it that fail.

      We are all different in - age, activity level, thyroid activity, etc, so none of us fit exactly into some online calorie calculator. It's impossible to gauge your daily calorie burn perfectly, but you can average it. The best thing you can really do is be consistent with your diet. Eat the same things over and over and adjust portion size accordingly. If you want to drop weight, either reduce portion size, add some additional cardio to your routine or a mixture of both. If you want to gain wait, take your normal routine and throw in a little bit more food. My weight is completely stable and never really changes because I do the same stuff over and over again. If I wanted to drop 5 lbs, it would be pretty simple. All I'd have to do is reduce my portions or squeeze in an hour long bike ride on an off day here and there and just not change my food intake at all.

      Primal makes this easy because it's very simple to track meat, eggs, fruits and vegetables. It's the added fats, sugars and flours that make things so hard to track. I've eliminated these things 90% of the time.

      Don't stress too much about it. Simply eating real food should regulate your hunger to a level where it gets you to at least "average" leanness. From there, increase activity and/or decrease food intake accordingly. I find the easiest things to do is reduce added fats or buy leaner meats, but YMMV.
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      Don't put your trust in anyone on this forum, including me. You are the key to your own success.