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Suddenly Starving!? What gives?

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    I read what you eat and thought - snack? Yeah, start every meal with a pound of meat and then add other foods. Like a cup of coconut milk with a glop of molasses.

    Alternatively, when I drink too much water and flush all my electrolytes out, I also get a gnawing, hollow feeling. I've learned adding salt to my food and supplementing mag and K go a LONG way to help me drink less water.
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      I get like that too, sometimes. Just go with it. As long as you're eating clean, no worries. There are days when I eat handfulls upon handfuls of nuts or eat two cups of coconut cream... no ill-effects yet. Just a satisfied body.
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        Sometimes if I really want a certain food, I'll be hungry until I get it. Last week was cake. I wanted a piece of paleo cake for a couple days. Ate the cake, done, and not hungry. But nothing else would have satisfied.

        Other things that make me bottomless pit hungry:
        A lot of low level activity (ie, wandering around all day), like at the beach
        Dehydration- weather is getting warmer
        I agree on the salt (but I crave salty foods when it is salt)
        Overall, not eating enough for a period of time (maybe the course of a few weeks of not feeding my hunger)

        My other thought is maybe you need more carbs? Though you had the potatoes, a little carb at every meal? I find that "round" meals of carbs, protein and fat satisfy me better than meals that lack one of those components.
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          I think that everyone is different but for me meals with lower fat or higher carbs leave me feeling hungry sooner. One night I had a big salad and was hungry in two hours the next night I added some olive oil to the exact same salad and wasn't hungry the rest of the evening.


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            I'm wondering about your blood sugar. And insulin levels. Pre-primal, I used to feel hungry shortly after meals as my body would release too much insulin after eating and then leave me with lower blood sugar and starving. Can you get these checked? I wonder if many small meals might give you a clue as to what is going on, instead of doing larger main meals. Low blood sugar is no fun at all. I used to get it often. I actually found that I felt better fasting all together than riding that roller coaster all day long. Best of luck figuring this out!


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              Originally posted by Bane View Post
              Like, hyena-hungry??

              (don't click that during a meal)

              I'd have days like this too, where I'd just have to eat and eat and eat. At the time I was making sure it was all good food, but I'd just stuff myself like mad to get rid of the hunger. I'd usually end up with a few lighter days afterwards, I guess as my body was averaging things out on its own.

              I also have this weird thing quite often though, where I swear I'm starving, and if I just ignore it and have some green tea, it ends up going away. (assuming I actually have eaten enough)

              For me it's just one of those strange things that happens, and it's not always the same each time. *shrug*
              Yup, that about sums it up. I ate a ton that one day and then very lightly the next 2. If it is just 'boredom' hunger as in, "Eh, I am kinda hungry, but wait, didn't I just eat 2 hours ago?" I blunt it with tea or coffee and it goes away. On rare occasions though, my body just says, "eat g*ddamn it, eat." This is generally if I have been lower on the calorie range for a week or three, which sometimes happens.


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                SO many good replies here, and lots to think about, thanks everyone!

                Drink LESS water?! I don't know, I love water. It is the only thing I drink, minus the spare cup of coffee (and newly added milk) here and there.

                Yesterday I rounded out at about 2000 calories by supplementing bacon to every meal and having a glass of chocolate milk. I didn't wake up hungry last night, so yay!

                I couldn't stomach my breakfast quiche today (I really didnt like this batch of it, blech. Skipping it tomorrow too.) So just had a venti blonde roast with heavy cream and an apple. I don't feel like I am going to die of hunger before lunch today so that's good at least.

                Knifegill - I WISH I could afford to eat a pound of meat at every meal! I honestly can't, unless I cut back to conventional meats. Currently every meat I eat is the highest quality I can find. Organic, pastured, grass-fed, free ranged, etc etc etc. Even the bacon!

                My ratios yesterday according to the LoseIt app I picked up after reading another thread were:

                Protein: 121g
                Carbs: 136g
                Fats: 116g
                CaloriesL 2097

                Next week I think I'm going to do Kalua Pork and Potato for breakfast, I'm starting to feel a bit "over" eggs right now, aside from hardboiled. :P
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                  I've been having a lot of success with a potato snack: 11 oz of cold boiled potatoes with salt and vinegar for my break-fast meal at 3:00 pm. It fills me up and keeps me going until suppertime, where no other food seemed to be doing that.