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Switching to Primal - Carb and Sugar Detoxing and Alcohol

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    Originally posted by Bushrat View Post
    Also I am a student so nothing but the cheapest whiskey for me unfortunately.
    Drink bad whiskey straight. Guaranteed to minimize your alcohol consumption.

    Like Schadow, I drink my (good) whiskey straight, or sometimes on the rocks if it's a warm evening. Bliss.
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      Before going low-carb, my fav drink was whisky (Wild Turkey) with a splash of amaretto, a splash of sweet & sour, and diet ginger ale. I've switched to just Wild Turkey and diet ginger ale on ice. (that's the only diet soda I drink now). I've been progressively cutting out gluten, sugar, carbs, and processed foods since January, and this is my last and best indulgence. next step - drink LESS of it. I tried mixing it with club soda but it's just not the same...